UPDATE III: FORMER Argus’ ED Board member Co-Chairs TenHaken’s Campaign

UPDATE III: Ding! Ding! Ding! And the winner is . . .

As the May 1 election approaches, those distinctions have been drawn. It is our conclusion that TenHaken’s experience and leadership qualities make him the best choice to succeed Mike Huether as the city’s next mayor.

Shocker!!! Oh, but the Argus wanted to reassure us no funny business is going on;

Editor’s note: Though community at-large members are a key part of the mission of the Argus Leader editorial board, such members were not part of the discussions involving this endorsement.

So Stu Whitney and Cory Myers endorsed Paul. That makes me feel comfortable.

UPDATE II: From Cory Myers;

Hi Scott, all – Michelle is a former community member of the Argus editorial board. She was not part of any editorial board discussions concerning the mayoral candidates, nor any board discussions since December of 2017.

How fun it was for Cory Myers to cry about transparency yesterday;

But specifically for a campaign so focused on transparency, I see no reason why Loetscher won’t release this voicemail.

You mean like when you (didn’t) release this information before the general election when your editorial board endoresed TenHaken and Loetscher;

Oh, that’s right, you didn’t bother telling your readers.

Ironically, TenHaken is the one that scooped this on his FB page. So the Argus ED Board, who has a FORMER member that is assisting TenHaken’s campaign, was endorsing TenHaken.

WOW! Let’s talk ‘transparency’ Cory.

Can’t wait to see if the Argus endorses TenHaken before Tuesday. Cory might have to do a lot of explaining to his far away boss in Denver and the execs at Gannet. Or maybe this is just par for course?

Why not endorse Donald Duck? It would seem less ridiculous.


#1 Matthew Paulson on 04.26.18 at 10:24 pm

Michelle is no longer on the editorial board. Not sure why it’s a problem for a former member of the editorial board to endorse a candidate.

#2 l3wis on 04.26.18 at 10:33 pm

When did this happen?

#3 Donald Duck on 04.26.18 at 10:44 pm

She hasn’t been on the editorial board for a few weeks now I think.

#4 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.26.18 at 10:49 pm

Let me get this right, there’s a NixonHakenite on the AL Editorial Board and the AG gave NixonHaken a blank check? Wow, next you are probably going to try to tell me that some kids each gave NixonHaken a 1000 bucks a piece too.

You know, we can’t grow bananas around here, but, however, we sure look like a banana republic around here though…….

Oh, and I found this on YouTube too. I thought the title and intro were germane to the current mayoral race:


#5 anonymous on 04.27.18 at 6:00 am

I don’t equate Cory Myers with transparency.

Sort of like when his DUI charge mysteriously disappeared.

#6 The Guy from Guernsey on 04.27.18 at 6:11 am

Doubtful that Cory Myers’ boss in Colorado gives a rip about the operation of the local newspaper.
Look at the complaints entered as Visitor Comments on their Facebook pages about shabby customer service, circulation and distribution. Complaints, none of which are even acknowledged, let alone to be successfully resolved.
The apparent business mantra: People cannot cancel their subscriptions if Customer Service in Arizona doesn’t answer the phone. Best recommended practice for subscription retention: leave your customers in an endless phone queue.

#7 Bruce on 04.27.18 at 7:30 am

She’s been off the editorial board for a “few” weeks? So she was on the editorial board through most of the campaign season, makings sure the Argus was getting the advertising revenue?

Usually the appearance of conflict is usually worse than the conflict, this just adds to the pile of issues when added to the other things we have learned.

#8 Cory Myers on 04.27.18 at 8:28 am

Hi Scott, all – Michelle is a former community member of the Argus editorial board. She was not part of any editorial board discussions concerning the mayoral candidates, nor any board discussions since December of 2017.

When she submitted a letter to the editor with her personal endorsement of Paul TenHaken, I declined it.

I know you take pride in being a blogger, and not a journalist, Scott. But a phone call every once in awhile before you pop off would do you and your readers a world of good.

Here’s mine the next time you have a question: 605-331-2389.

Cory Myers

#9 Mike H. on 04.27.18 at 8:36 am

No conflict on this site….see the Jolene ads all around this page. How much is she paying you guys?

#10 l3wis on 04.27.18 at 8:45 am

Cory – Thanks for clarifying when she left the board. Our concern was that she was still there when you made the general election endorsement.

Either way, I wish you wouldn’t make endorsements.

#11 l3wis on 04.27.18 at 8:48 am

Mike, I will explain this for the 1000th time. I use google ads, I have NO control over what ads get placed on my site. Before the General election, Paul’s ads were running non-stop on my site. But I have also seen Entenman ads, Loetscher Ads, Noem ads, etc. Like I said, I do not control the content. The only control I have is I can block certain content.

#12 Warren Phear on 04.27.18 at 9:42 am

Cory, it is unusual the Argus would endorse two candidates. After you all endorse tenhaken on Sunday, will you hold his feet to the fire, or will you give him mulligans?

#13 Matthew Paulson on 04.27.18 at 10:18 am

Mike – I run the same ads as Scott does. You have no control over what ads show up. Mostly they’re shown to you based on what other websites you go to (retargeting ads). Scott can block individual ads, but that’s about it. You don’t really want to do that, because blocking ads usually ends up costing you money.

#14 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.27.18 at 11:26 am

So a former board member is now in the NixonHaken camp, huh? I wonder if……

#15 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.27.18 at 3:57 pm

I have an idea. We’ll remove Michelle from the AL Editorial Board, then we will rename the Board the “Lamont Board.” Yah, that’s the ticket……

#16 Matthew Paulson on 04.27.18 at 4:20 pm

Not a big surprise about the endorsement today given Cory’s article on Wednesday. I’m surprised they did it today vs waiting until Monday though.

#17 Warren Phear on 04.27.18 at 4:38 pm

Curious. Who at the argus are members of the editorial board? Who are the community at large members? Seems the argus gave tenhakens vices, and there are several, their 15 seconds of fame. Then they threw Jolene under the bus three days ago and have been gnashing gears between forward and reverse ever since to make sure she has been flattened.

#18 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.27.18 at 6:05 pm

“Wednesday?” It’s probably been in motion since Michelle’s departure in December…. We know that camp likes to make phone calls….

#19 D@ily Spin on 04.27.18 at 7:13 pm

Anything from the Argus is low circulation without substantiation. Fake News? Blogs and AM talk give us constructive argument without force fed propaganda. Printed newspaper format will live for awhile in the form of Shopping News and Supermarket Tabloids. Argus R.I.P..