Dem Forum REPLAY, Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidates (3 of them)


#1 My Mistake Mike on 04.06.18 at 2:35 pm

The kiss of death endorsement?

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.06.18 at 3:17 pm

I thought all three candidates did their candidacy a positive service. None of them showed any trepidation when it came to the microphone.

Gunn had the best line, however, when he said, “The whole state is watching this election right now.” Because I think he is right, because if Gunn takes fourth instead of sixth and or Jo gets into the runoff, then such outcomes will change many peoples’ thoughts about what will happen next fall.

I also take issue with Gunn’s obsession with government too, because we the people are the government, and maybe that is why he is running. But when you picture government as an evil, then you are really painting yourself as that evil. If government is not the answer at times, then what is, anarchy? We send troops off supposedly to fight and or stand for what we believe in, but isn’t it the government that guarantees that those beliefs are instituted and practiced?

Entenman is a good talker, but I feel like the Chamber is talking when he talks.

ThuneHaken mentioned that he cares about all people and not just Christians; and to prove this, he claims he gives his employees an extra week of PTO to feel what it is like to be a minority by doing volunteer work in an other country, which is struggling. But why do you have to go to an other country? How about just sending them to Pine Ridge, the Somalian community in Minneapolis, or the south side of Chicago, instead? I will not criticize any type of volunteer or mission work, but when you ignore what is around you, then your sincerity has to be placed into question.

ThuneHaken also said that he did not want to cannibalize current businesses in town by attracting new businesses to town with higher wages. So what, he wants to attract higher wages from new businesses that will be filled with the new citizens of our town, while the current underpaid majority in this town continues to suffer?

The true answer to all of the problems in this town are wages. And none of these three candidates proved to me that they have a plan to lift wages in this town for the current workforce – because Gunn hates government, Entenman is a “Walking Chamber,” and ThuneHaken brags about bringing people from other parts of the country to take the good paying jobs he has created with his local business – and until higher wages are found in this town for most, then all of the other major problems in this town will continue to fester as our political leadership seems to care more about treating the symptoms of low wages and not its true cause.

#3 l3wis on 04.06.18 at 3:38 pm

I do agree with Gunn on one thing, fees, tax rate increases and regulations are killing housing in Sioux Falls. After the forum I walked up to Jim and Paul and told them that I researched this last summer. I told them from May 2010 until August 2017 the Mayor initiatied and the council passed over 50 tax rate and fee increases and put over 70 new codes and regs on the books. The contractors pass those costs onto the consumer.

#4 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.06.18 at 4:11 pm

Don’t you think the labor shortage, which is largely due to low wages, causes contractors to build executive homes instead of median priced homes in this town, because its demand – executive homes that is – does not require as many workers, but the margin for the contractors is much greater per unit?….. It all comes down to wages……

The first thing the City needs to do is pass an ordinance requiring all employment ads to mention the wage scale of the posted job offer. Then we need political leadership which will use the “Bully Pulpit” calling out businesses for their low wages in this town.

The one question which should have been asked at Forum and I thought about asking it, I guess its my fault, and that is, “What is the starting wage for a worker at the businesses owned by all three of the mayoral candidates at Forum today?”

#5 The D@ily Spin on 04.06.18 at 8:32 pm

Democrats, aren’t they the elephants that caused the circus to go bankrupt? Sometimes I’m proud to be Indy even though my party has no significance either.

#6 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.06.18 at 9:10 pm

One other thought from this Forum discussion:

ThuneHaken said at this Forum, that his emphasis on crime as an issue in his campaign was not an initial intent, but one that came on towards the end of his campaign.

Oh really? Really? How nice it must be to live in a world where the significant increases in crime in this town are not at the forefront of ones thoughts. It must be nice to live in that town, or part of a town, where crime is of little concern…. Oh, how nice, but then again he does live in the world of the “Taupe Housing Society of Conformity,” where the tale of one of the two cities exists; and if you have not already noticed, it is the better city. Yet, he wants to lead us all, because he knows best.

ThuneHaken also said, that he didn’t like the word “affordable housing,” because of the bad connotations which come with such a phrase.

Oh, how wise to change terms to make them seem better. Now, politically that might be smart, but it is merely a form of newspeak or the art of that, which causes a problem to apparently disappear or be hid by merely neutering its first known literal potency. It has a cousin relationship to when you want to channel people in our educational system to a non intellectual life for the sake of the business community. Yet, you smartly call it “Workforce Development”….. So, I wonder what word or phrase ThuneHaken would like to replace “affordable housing” with?……

#7 mike gunn on 04.07.18 at 8:06 pm

My workers starting wage is $15 hrly to 30 min. Is that what you want to know?

#8 mike gunn on 04.07.18 at 8:12 pm

Very: It is true that I am calling our Government evil,, however, when it is so corrupt should I call it broken? It is beyond broken in many ways. I have seen and been part of the battle against it for some time now. When judges say they do not follow the old Constitution and now follow the New written one scares me beyond belief. I would never make a choice before Taxpayer input. I would expose the bad parts and the minor stuff and let the public choose. It is the only way a Government for the People and by the People will ever truly be as it should be.

#9 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.07.18 at 10:47 pm

Mike, thank you very much for the info! You sound like a good employer. Jim? Paul?

Mike, could you elaborate on what you mean by the “old Constitution” and the “New written one?” Are you talking about the proper or relevant application of original intent?

#10 mike gunn on 04.09.18 at 12:31 pm

The Statement is from a Taxpayer that had direct contact on this. I expressed needing factual proof. Although, I myself go by the Original writings that are the Law of the Land; and such shall not be usruped. Any and all Amendments to it were to build upon the original and not weaken it.

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