UPDATE: Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, April 3, 2018

Mayor’s State of the City address, 2:30 PM

Not sure what will be said, but I’m sure it will be chucked full of positivity and back pats.

City Council Informational Meeting, 4 PM

8th Street Bridge Rehabilitation. This should be interesting considering it ties into all the work with the River Greenway.

Regular City Council Meeting, 7 PM

UPDATE: Councilors Starr and Stehly have added Item#77, a resolution to release ALL Falls Park Safety Reports since 2008.

Item#1, Approval of Contracts,

It seems we are spending big bucks on the Railroad Redevelopment Project;

Over $300K for utility work & over $800K for something with NO description to Runge, a company in Sioux Falls that does excavation.

You would think that we would have kept a little of the $27 million for these upgrades instead of handing the whole amount over to Warren Buffet.

Items #21-22, is one of the strangest liquor license transfers I have ever seen. As we know, there are not many NEW licenses available, so businesses that want one have to transfer from existing businesses that close. So, for some weird reason, the Sanford Foundation House needs a liquor license, I’m sure this isn’t for ‘public events’ but more as a private club. Will’s Training Table is transferring their license to the foundation house and then transferring the closed Beef O’ Brady’s license to Will’s. I wonder what small fortune Sanford paid for the license.

Items #33-34, West Mall is applying for their Beer and Wine licenses.

Planning Commission Meeting, 6 PM, April 4

Item #8 addresses the RE-ZONE of the Sioux Steel Property from Heavy Industrial to Downtown PUD.

Item#12, Another Freaking Casino by the usual suspects.

Item#13, NEW Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant

Item #16, another sports bar.

Item#19, Decrease landscaping standards for parking lots of motor vehicle sales. As if we don’t have enough of these in town already.


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 03.31.18 at 6:40 pm

So let me get this right, the Sanford Foundation House, which is meant to honor Mr. Sanford’s commitment and philanthropy to the health care industry, wants a liquor license?

Perhaps, I took too long of a nap, but when did alcohol consumption become synonymous with promoting good health care?

Next, I am going to learn that the national AA headquarters has a bar to promote responsible drinking too. Or, that you have to walk through a metal detector, in order to party at the NRA’s on campus pub….

I guess I am just behind the times. I need to get with it, huh?…… (“A couple drinks a day will keep the doctor away…”)

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 03.31.18 at 7:43 pm

One other observation too: Perhaps the rezoning of Sioux Steel is phase one of an attempt to bring back Seney?

I can envision Seney with a casino, an Ethiopian restaurant, and a sports bar too.

Just image, one day you might be able to ride a gondola down the Sioux and as you pass under the arch, or arc, or whatever it is, I know it will have a gap for tall masts, you will be able to see the lights of Seney, where one can play high stake poker, enjoy some international cuisine, and finish the night off with some local micro brews as you watch SDSU lose once again during March Madness….. Man, Pettigrew would be proud, won’t he?……….

#3 "Very Stable Genius" on 03.31.18 at 7:59 pm



#4 The D@ily Spin on 04.01.18 at 12:24 am

This is Huether’s last stand. I’m hoping councilors see through it. Even those aligned with he and Sanford. Huether is on his way out. So is Sanford who can retire to his dog race track in Florida. If nobody’s noticed, Avera has new hospitals that far exceed Sanford. Credit cards are getting replaced with cryptocurrency. Sanford is 20th century, this is 21st century.

#5 anonymous on 04.01.18 at 9:13 pm

Is the $800,000 to Runge for excavating the contaminated soil on the 10 acres acquired through the railroad relocaiton project?

#6 J on 04.02.18 at 9:08 am

The Sanford Foundation house probably wants to host events with in-house staff, so having the liquor license means they don’t have to call Chef Dom’s every time they want to host a fundraiser.

#7 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.02.18 at 12:45 pm

But does a “host” charge? If you don’t charge, do you need a liquor license?…… (What? Doctors drink?)

#8 J on 04.02.18 at 2:43 pm

You can host an event with a cash bar. Many Chamber mixers are set up this way. Food is provided by the hosts, bar is cash. This requires an on-sale liquor license. Caterings companies or hosts can apply for one-day licenses, but Sanford has the money to just buy one outright.

#9 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.02.18 at 3:07 pm

Thanks for the info, having a cash bar is a good idea, because it probably helps to keep the drinking down, huh?

Oh, and they also have the money for statutes too…. And is that really Sanford’s money, the hospital’s, Medicare and Medicaid’s, and or our private health insurance carrier’s money (or ours?)?…. I am confused…. And while we are on this topic, why does Avera need a “Falls” on Cliff?….. An who paid for that one?

(I still can’t believe that doctors drink too, Wow?…..)

#10 observer on 04.02.18 at 4:30 pm

krabbenhoff is the poster child for what is wrong with health care in our country. a “not for profit” health system taking 2 liquor licenses from
potential entrepreneurs. sad.

#11 l3wis on 04.02.18 at 4:36 pm

“A “not for profit” health system taking 2 liquor licenses from potential entrepreneurs. sad.”

My thoughts exactly.

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