Absentee voting started today at the Minnehaha County Administration building during regular business hours. Get out and vote early. If you live in the central district, vote for Zach DeBoer for city council and the obvious choice for Mayor is Loetscher, someone who will bring transparency, honesty and integrity back to city hall.

14 Thoughts on “VOTE DeBoer & Loetscher TODAY!

  1. But NixonHaken would be so much fun to kick around, however.

    “Four More Years!”…….”NixonHaken is the One!”


  2. I just saw a new NixonHaken commercial. It’s the one with the family sitting at the dinner table. A dining room that doesn’t look like it came from a house in his neighborhood, however (Huh?).

    But any how, this commercial shows him dressed like the Al Gore of 2000 with a dark suit, white shirt, and a “Regis, ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire'” blue tie. Wow, how we have transformed, huh? First, the loose narrow tie, then the tightly tied narrow tie of Trumpian red, and now Gore 2000. Well, at least its progress, because going from a “New Wave” look of the 1980s to a Gore look of 2000 is moving in the right direction, right? Or, is it just marketing?…. But I wonder what the kids think of the dining room, because it looks like they are dining back into time…. So kids, it is just further proof to be careful when contributing…..

  3. Vote TenHaken!

  4. J,

    Did your parents vote for Nixon all three times, I mean five times with Eisenhower too?

  5. 13333 on April 24, 2018 at 4:14 pm said:

    More like the obvious victim. Her 11th-hour accusation on Paul was ridiculous. She stands for transparency? How about release the entire voicemail publicly.

    TenHaken all the way.

  6. 13333,

    They did:


    “Hey Jo, Paul TenHaken calling um’ just was calling about the calling me out on social here um I was really hoping we weren’t going to go here with this sort of stuff, because I consider you a friend this is not even a story you know that I’m not invading people’s privacy. I was hired by a client to track down somebody who was libeling his family so I’m sorry that it’s gotten to this I obviously have these sorts of tools in my toolbox too but I’m choosing not to use them, ’cause I just don’t think a mayor’s race has to come to this, I’m a little disappointed to be honest with you but I understand that you want to do this, I’ll respond to your post here and post some comments um so just kind of bummed out wish we werent’ coming to this so um anyway I’ll see you later today at the debate.”

    Hired by a client? I thought he left CR? Who’s the client, a contributor?

  7. Wow, how will she do as mayor if that was threatening? She is either playing politics (not very transparent), overly sensitive, or a drama queen. None of those are good if our want stability after MMM.

  8. BCGilbert on April 24, 2018 at 8:07 pm said:

    Make Sioux Falls straight, white, and Christian again!

  9. Me,

    Do you really want an elected official with non transparent computer skills?

  10. VSG, the call was in response to Jolene’s Facebook post calling out TenHaken’s work on Rounds’s (the client he is referring to) campaign. Just FYI.

  11. VSG, I want someone who has the common courtesy to call someone and let them know they have a concern which seems to have been done in a respectful manner. I don’t want someone playing the victim card, especially when it doesn’t even seem warranted. We have had circus show for about 6 years, it’s time for it to stop. No more drama please.

  12. Truth on April 24, 2018 at 9:33 pm said:

    KELO’s reporting tonight left out any mention of the hacking that’s very relevant to this conversation about Ten Haken’s voicemail. Who knows who hacked Loetscher’s campaign, but when two instances of that happened the same day Ten Haken mentions he has tools in his toolbox he could use against Jolene, and also on the same day the Argus reports about Click Rain’s hacking efforts for the Rounds campaign, there’s plenty to be concerned about. And by Paul’s own public admission yesterday, what he meant in that voicemail about tools in his toolbox was having dirt on every candidate, not just Loetscher. He admitted that and we should take him at his word, even if he’s trying to take it back today. She understood him correctly in that voicemail. All she’s doing now is trying to make this crap stop. Only one candidate is trying to have it both ways by saying he’s got the dirt and tools to use…but won’t…but he’s got it…a real convenient way of raising a stink without getting your hands dirty.

  13. J,

    If the client is Rounds, then Jo and Paul have already had this discussion – hence the phrase “nothing burger” by Paul. So to reiterate that story by Paul is to further legitimacy the potency and intent of the threat allegation.


    I want a mayor who does not threaten others. In this situation, Paul could have easily have responded to the post with a comment and that would have been for the most part left to the Facebook universe. But when he called her, he obviously wanted more than a response, rather he wanted to send a message, or a threat. Else why did he change the means by how he conveyed his message? Paul was not answering to all via the Facebook universe, rather he wanted to send a message to one, who was Jo….. For, it was a threat and not a respond given the conveyance of his message.

  14. The Guy from Guernsey on April 25, 2018 at 3:56 am said:

    The dutch mafia has much to learn about the proper role of a consigliere in excercise of the common courtesy to call someone and let them [the recipient of the “courtesy call”] know they [the client(s) of the consigliere] have a concern.

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