Happy Mother’s Day from Councilor Stehly’s Garden

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in our world who nurture, encourage and love others. We appreciate you!! – Theresa Stehly


#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 05.13.18 at 11:28 pm

Is the tulip picture for Paul? Because I can’t help but notice that the “Orange” tulip is the biggest one….

#2 The Guy from Guernsey on 05.14.18 at 9:27 am

LOL, VSG. Subliminal messages, even at South Dacola.

#3 The Guy from Guernsey on 05.14.18 at 9:33 am

“VSG hit my tulips. Nobody has ever hit my tulips, I’ve never heard of this before. Look at those tulips, are they small tulips?”
“And he referred to my tulips, ‘if they’re small something else must be small.’ I guarantee you there’s no problem, I guarantee it.”

The preceding adapted from transcripts of actual campaign debates. The names have been changed to honor accuracy to local circumstances. No animals were harmed in adaptation of this rhetoric.

#4 "Very Stable Genius" on 05.14.18 at 1:52 pm


Under deposition, would Stormy say the same about your tulips? I’ve heard that stormy weather isn’t good for flowers…

#5 The Guy from Guernsey on 05.14.18 at 10:59 pm

Stormy would likely say nothing of my tulips.
It seems that her counsel, Mr Avenatti, quite enjoys the task of speaking on behalf of his client. I am fearful that rather than talk, he may simply Snap or tweet a picture of a CD disc.
In addition, I have yet to be de-flowered by stormy weather.
TBH, the Carl Spackler-types have always been much more harmful to all of my flowers – with their persistent re-enactments of the “Cinderella story”.

#6 "Very Stable Genius" on 05.15.18 at 12:22 am


What a great movie, the following is my favorite line f rom it. And I wish someone would have told the Donald of Orange this back in 2016:


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