Pitty just couldn’t wait to take some kind of credit. We will see how long it takes for Paul to ask him to take it down. Remember to put all of your ‘tools’ away after you finish the job.

5 Thoughts on “Now that the ‘Dirty’ campaigning is thru, it’s time for the ‘Tool’ to gloat

  1. I think the bromance between the two is kind of cute,… or maybe too cute….

    And also remember in the future to always tape the door vertically and not horizontally, because that’s what got “Tricky Dick.”

    You don’t think that this new DWC letterhead proves the “Client” controversy do you?…. Perhaps, its the result of some hacking by over exuberant admirers from DSU?

  2. Oh, and I really love that war campus too…. I especially enjoy the remarks by “KM” and that trojan horse from Troy…..

  3. Yep, the ThuneHaken cult of personality is now in full force. Senator Thune, it’s time for you to step down. There’s a new “BatHaken” in town. He’s younger, less gray, and doesn’t just run, he even enters “Ironman Competitions” and has computer skills too….. How are you going to beat that? And is your personal “tool bag” really equipped for such a challenge?….. I don’t think so….. So move over, because Senator McConnell, I think, could use a new “looker” behind him at press conferences…..And just remember that “nothing” lasts forever…….Even a good “burger.”


  4. Look for the man in the empty suit , to do nothing as usual.I wonder if he could handle a 8 to 5 job working.

  5. Fan Based on May 8, 2018 at 4:49 pm said:

    Considering PTH saved pat’s ass in 2012.

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