Planning Department offers ‘Amenities’ and ‘Quality of Life’

In a very strange twist, towards the end of ‘Planning Preview’ (FF: 13:40) Jeffrey decided to talk about all the Amenities and Quality of Life projects the Planning Department makes possible. It was almost like Jeffrey was trying to sell himself to the new mayor, hey look Paul, I actually work for my 6-figures a year. Yes, while the planning department is approving millions in taxpayer debt (actually the city council approves those projects) and letting the big guys like Sanford and Lloyd build whatever and whenever they want to with the help of TIF’s the little guy has to come before the board and beg to put up a tool shed. Make no mistake, the developers and hospitals run this town and get whatever they want, no questions asked. The rest of us? We get to enjoy the ‘Amenities’ these fine folks bestow upon us, like destroying our core neighborhoods while overcharging us for medical procedures.


#1 D@ily Spin on 05.21.18 at 10:25 am

I anticipate director replacements. They make to much and mostly sit on their hands. The new mayor will start with community projects and budget cuts. Considering the dictatorial charter and a chance for side consideration wealth, it will take but a few years before there’s another Huether-Like throne oligarchy.

#2 MK on 05.21.18 at 11:20 am

I hope there are several replacements.

Not for political reasons but for competency reasons. Huether did a terrible job for the most part picking department heads.

Incompetent with changing ethics based on what it was Huether wanted them to do.

Hopefully he’ll listen to Gary Hansen. I think he by far did the best job of the mayors picking people since the charter change.

#3 Astonished on 05.21.18 at 4:27 pm

“Peachy, keen” (whatever that means). Just let the homeowners out there at 12th and Marion decide what they want out in their neighborhood….they don’t want commercial….fine….let them do something diff on that corner. What a turn about from 85th and Minnesota!! (And I don’t live right there either.) I always pegged Huether with that ball of wax. I wish I had a crystal ball so I could really see who and what got the benefit of that dot on the map designation at 85th. I guess this leadership/mayor change may mean something after all. Evidently, we don’t have to “live by” those ___ dots on the map.