Primary Predictions

Since I could only vote for Amendment Y, not sure if my opinion really matters since I can’t put myself into the mind of a SD Republican. With Trump having a 74% approval rating, I think Republicans statewide will lean more conservative, but since most people are conservative, not sure what that means anyway.

I voted against Amendment Y. First off, I think the whole thing should be repealed and secondly I’m not happy with the measure being on the primary ballot instead of the general. Many independents will just not choose to vote so this will be decided mostly by party members.

For Governor, I’m giving it to Noem, but not by much, this one is close and I think with Jackboots gaining a lot in these last few weeks he still has a good chance of pulling this off. While I’m not a fan of either, I think Noem would be a better governor, even though I am supporting Sutton and feel like he has a better chance of beating Noem than Jackboots.

In Congress it seems pretty clear Dusty will pull this one off, and I prefer him as a candidate. I also think the Bjorkman has a much better chance of beating Dusty than Krebs.

State Senator District 14 I’m going with Tyler Swanger. I think Soholt has had a habit of saying one thing in public and doing another when she votes. Tyler is a young enthusiastic fellar with a great passion for people.

State Rep District 13 Peterson and Rolfing will probably pull this off even though I know there is large underground support for Muricio to upset Rolfing. Let’s hope so. We need to send Rolfing to a golf course in Florida.

State Rep District 14 I’m going to give it to Holmes and Zikmund. They are both incumbents and Tornow doesn’t belong anywhere near Pierre.

State Rep District 15 (Dems) I’m going to give to Smith and Kirschman even though I have heard there is a lot of support for Duba from the wine & cheese Dems.

The big one of the primary is of course Noem vs. Jackley. While I detest both of their policies, Jackley would be a disaster as a governor. He is wrapped up in so many scandals that I think it would just continue moving forward. I’ve nicknamed him lately, Janklow Jr.



#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 05.31.18 at 5:39 pm

The only disagreement I have with your predictions is in 14. I think Soholt will survive due to a high GOP turnout.

I always thought that Jackley would win this, but I think now, that Noems “Rock Star” status will put her over the top. Jackley’s villainess “black shirt ad” is a sign of desperation…. I don’t think Clint Roberts ever went black, did he?

I question, however, how well Noem’s “#metoo ad” will play with GOP voters…. If it was a Democratic primary, it would be a slam dunk…. So I guess on Tuesday, we will find out who really can swim between Marty and Kristi…. I know Marty was campaigning in Enemy Swim the other day (Sorry)…..

Definitely Opie, I mean Dusty. I am “Full” on that one… I wonder if the elevator will be back in the fall, too?

Oh, and Marty should change his name to Bill Jankley….Maybe it would have helped all along…. 😉

#2 D@ily Spin on 05.31.18 at 7:36 pm

There must be a new governor. No doubt republican. I agree, Jackley is a mistake. He’s just so improperly intertwined with legal wrangling. Noem graduated from senate to governor. A woman governor would make a good impression nationally. I’m changing from independent to republican. Not because my views are changed but because it’s the only way some say in elections.

#3 White Panther on 06.01.18 at 10:18 pm

They are just attacking each other and not talking about issues. I am going to vote for the Democrat or Libertarian in November.

#4 LINDA on 06.04.18 at 8:10 am


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