So how many city employee parties are scheduled for Tuesday Night?

If I were Mayoral Elect TenHaken, I would just make Wednesday a city holiday for city employees, because I have a feeling many of them will be nursing a much needed hangover.

I guess some city employees have several planned parties for Tuesday night to celebrate the end of the Huether administration . . . or is it to celebrate the new administration? Not sure. Either way, I wonder if Detroit will be invited?

No worries, I’m considering having a SouthDacola Fest Tuesday Night, more details to come.

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#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 05.13.18 at 11:21 pm

I would have thought that the South Dakota GOP would have at least financed an inauguration ball or two for Paul on Tuesday. I guess not, however, no balls for Paul….

As far as partying over Janklow’s departure, I mean Huether’s, well, the City folk probably fear his return like Wild Bill’s, so best to stay neutral, huh?…. And just an other reason why there should be some balls for Paul, in order to hide any other intended partying. But oh well, no balls for Paul and no cover parties for the City folk…..