One Thought on “South DaCola Podcast 17: Sioux Falls Election Post-Mortem

  1. ThuneHaken was inevitable and as long as voters allow themselves to fall victim to “Rock Star Politics,” then we will be forced to accept and suffer the fate which comes from such a reality or rather illusion.

    This hunger for a “Rock Star” comes from a premise, which is now false. It comes from a past premise that was held up by an understanding or confidence that we had a very healthy middle class with all of the political trappings which come with such a reality, which in turn allows voters to vote for inspiration and aura over substance and self-preservation.

    This false premise is further bolstered by a growing upper middle income sector, which will never be as large as the once middle class, yet big enough to matter as it naturally aligns itself with the 1%, while it becomes more distant overtime to the many below as from generation to generation this upper middle income sector becomes further removed from the realities of access to opportunity, honesty concerning oppression, and the pain of poverty itself; and in the meantime, they are further bolstered by a mistaken and collapsing middle class which stills wishes to believe what it once believed, which is that it is still a part of the winning side. But for the collapsing middle class the only win is the euphoria of the victory through the amazement of a “Rock Star” victor, whose means led them to a precarious victory at best, but whose end will not be for the benefit of the many or the collapsing middle class and those beneath them….

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