I have been telling people lately that I could care less about all the issues discussed in the last municipal election campaign, except one, TRANSPARENCY. The Argus agrees;

It’s important to acknowledge that the Premier Center settlement would not have been unveiled without legal efforts undertaken by the Argus Leader, which also just won a seven-year battle with the federal government over access to SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) payments.

The most recent mayoral election might have played out differently if not for our insistence on transparency and accountability from both candidates.

SouthDacola has been fighting for transparency since I started this blog. Without it government runs amuck in corruption, and everything that is done in the dark is not to be trusted.

Funny part is if it weren’t for my blog there never would have never been a siding settlement or the pressure of transparency in the last election. I basically told Jack Marsh last Friday at Dem Forum that news organizations have become slaves to their advertisers. He claimed it isn’t happening in print media. I beg to differ.

If blogs would not have brought up these important topics, who would have? Jack Marsh? Randell Beck? Stu Whitney? Angela Kenneke? Yeah right.

No matter how many accolades we want to spread around towards the end of Huether’s administration any thing he ‘got done’ behind the blinds lacks the integrity to even be mentioned. It’s actually disgusting to listen to him take credit in the 100 or so press conferences he has had last week for creating some kind of utopia here. Hey, Mike, in a utopia, people do things in the open.

A good ship is run on the open seas.

Mr. TenHaken, you promised transparency, and we’ll be watching. I think your campaign intentions hold merit. And remember, always err on the side of openness.

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “Transparency in local government is our #1 Priority”
  1. For this city, transparency means hire an expensive unqualified consultant. Then hide the report and deny there was one. The mayor dictates. Citizens ‘Listen and Litigate’ but nothing is Learned.

  2. Read your blog often and you are appreciated for your work! Live on other end of the state-wish we had some of your ilk here, Continue the good work.

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