Falls Park Safety isn’t Rocket Science

It has often amazed me when Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives would talk about all of his ‘WINS’ and wouldn’t address ‘REAL’ issues in our community, like Public Transit and the Meth epidemic. But he also wouldn’t address the little things that just needed a ‘tweak’.

There was a lot of excuses about Falls Park Safety, but no action. It seems TenHaken gets it, it needs to be fixed, so let’s get on it;

“We are moving fast and furious on a proposal,” Nelson said. “Our approach is to enhance not only the safety but also the visitor experience in the park with improved accessibility.”

And that is the job of good government. When you see a need for something to be better, you dig in and do it instead of making excuses about mystery reports and having multiple press conferences about nothing.

Next big tweak Paul? Transparency. Let’s move fast and furious on that to.