While Legacy maintains that Ketchum will not be involved with the DT Mixed Use PPP Parking Ramp, moving forward, what does his 2-Year conflict of interest agreement mean?

I have been asking different city officials this question, and awaiting some responses.

The way I see it, since Ketchum will be VP of Operations for Legacy that essentially means he will be directly or indirectly involved with ALL of their projects (even the DT parking ramp). Moving forward, could this mean for the next two years Legacy as a development company can’t be involved with city projects such as;

Street Vacations


Façade Programs

Public Private Partnerships

Infrastructure upgrades

Special Rezones

Of course Legacy will probably try to play some fancy tricks with LLC’s, as they have done in the past. If I were the city planning department/mayor’s office I would send a letter immediately to Legacy informing them of the two-year moratorium while Ketchum works for them. And trust me, if the city chooses to ignore the conflict rules, the media and others will be quick to remind them, because we already got hoodwinked on the asbestos dumping, the building collapse and the parking ramp.

Legacy doesn’t get another by, not this time.

3 Thoughts on “Is Legacy giving up a lot of opportunities by hiring Ketchum?

  1. Is the conflict of interest agreement just with Legacy? If so, what keeps him from giving gentleman advice, or pro bono advice, to sister companies like Boomerang and or Lamont, and especially Lamont in terms of the parking ramp project?

  2. D@ily Spin on June 25, 2018 at 10:23 am said:

    Some nerve, keeping the Legacy name after killing someone. At least sell to another corporation with same owners for a penny. How about a city ordinance mandating signage at Legacy building entrances? I’d like to feel safe not entering and keeping a safe distance going around.

  3. I think we all know what will really happen. Legacy will have another person besides Ketchup be the contact and manager for City projects.

    That way “on paper” Ketchup will have no ties to any City projects.

    They’re not going to let a kickback job hire cost them any money, that defeats the purpose.

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