Jackboots parting gift to South Dakotans

Besides the fact that Marty isn’t too concerned about millions of tax dollars missing in the EB-5 and Gear-Up scandals, he seems to be concerned that Joe Six-Pack in South Dakota isn’t paying his fair share of taxes on a coffee table from Wayfair.

He also used our tax dollars to fight this case, ultimately raising regressive retail taxes NOT only on South Dakotans but millions of other Americans across the country. I really believe this is an issue that Congress should have addressed with a flat rate across the board. This will setup a complicated tax rate system and in the end will only drive up prices of online products that the consumer will have to pay also. Once again instead putting in a fair system of taxation, like income taxes, we will be subject to an octopus of tax rates. Sorry, but this is a huge loss to consumers that will probably not help main street businesses anyway (because online purchases will still probably be cheaper due to volume). In the end, we all lose. Big time.


#1 JKC on 06.21.18 at 5:15 pm

People shop online because of the convenience; and not having to pay a sales tax online is merely a bonus.

This decision does not help main street. It merely complicates things for online retailers, and in turn, raises prices for consumers.

And such a decision creates 50 mini federal governments with a long arm reach; and this is all compliments of the South Dakota Republican Party…. A Party that I thought hated too much government.

Instead of seeking a more equitable tax system, our GOP friends found a crafty way to hopefully bring in more tax dollars without burdening the South Dakota 1%….

#2 D@ily Spin on 06.21.18 at 10:40 pm

This is a gain for ‘Mom and Pop’ but a loss for Amazon and Walmart. There must be more than 100 transactions or 100k in state sales before sales tax. It’s not hard for EBay sellers to escape. Even if they barely exceeed. A 6% advantage is enough to defeat wholesalers.

#3 D@ily Spin on 06.21.18 at 10:44 pm

The future is not shopping malls or chain stores. It’s internet importers with sudden quality styles and lack of retail stores.

#4 JKC on 06.21.18 at 10:55 pm

Oh, and I got to thinking about this, if you buy the main street savior theory, then shouldn’t that mean that Sears and Younkers will now stay open?…. (Good!…. Because Craftsman are my favorite “tools” in my “bag!”(And has Toys”R”US heard about this, or is it too late for them?))

But seriously, what this is all about is cyberspace destroying political sovereign, or at least realigning it, and the SCOTUS has reacted, or fallen for the trap, by allowing the realignment, or potential, of States’ rights to escalate in manner where a single state – especially like California – could dictate policy in other states with or without federal involvement.

A course, this realignment or redirection will only matter, or be of a concern, until cyberspace, or its by-products, make the physical world totally obsolete with the help of virtual reality, and thus, the physical world’s political divisions indefensible…..

But will we all be allowed into this post physical world, or will some be left behind and enslaved like Trump’s 2300 children? (Wow, that would make a great book!…)….

Oh, but don’t worry, the last three paragraphs are merely ‘Deep Thoughts’ by Jack Handey’s cousin… a fictional person…. 😉