Opie & Andy are running for Congress (H/T – VSG)

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#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 06.10.18 at 10:51 pm

Dusty himself claims, that he is the “oldest looking teenager in the world.”* So admittedly, his spin is, that he wants us to see him as ‘Richie’ from ‘Happy Days’ and not ‘Opie’ from ‘Mayberry.’

Now, that maybe an improvement, but is it good enough for a state with only one congressman?

And it’s one thing, where the GOP has devolved to the point where it has become a children’s political arena, where political commercials are about cute kids and not acute issues, but what does it say when a candidate himself, like Dusty, is merely kidding us with his superficial approach to issues, however?… Has he ever said that he wants to protect Social Security and Medicare? I now he is concerned about a new farm bill, while in the same breath he claims concern about the federal deficit, but such a latter comment is just further proof of the superficialness of his policy comments and his candidacy, in my opinion….

Oh, and I love Ernest T. Bass. He is my favorite all time TV character. I see him as one of those Democrats who voted for Trump; and if the Democrats want to get back into power then they need to get Ernest back…. I bet his rock throwing came in handy at Trump rallies, too; and he always claimed he like the Sheriff, but the Deputy not so much….