Dems forget to sign some ‘important’ paperwork

I guess with all the excitement around nominating candidates, they lost their pens;

Subject: Reconvening of the SDDP State Convention on August 10

The South Dakota Democratic Party will be reconvening the 2018 State Convention on August 10 at 6 pm in Sioux Falls at Icon Event Hall (402 N. Main) in Sioux Falls with convention Co-Chairs and Constitutional candidates to certify their place on the ballot. The purpose of reconvening is to comply with requirements that officers of the convention sign the candidate certification in addition to the State Chair.
You’re invited to attend and witness the process; however, delegate attendance is not required. This is a small procedural step in the process of certifying our Constitutional candidates.
Ann Tornberg, SDDP Chair
Sam Parkinson, Executive Director
A ‘small’ procedural step? What’s that saying about primates having intercourse with sports equipment? When I talk to people about running for office I always tell them two things, Keep it Simple and remember the little things. Just ask David ‘Z’ about the importance of proper paperwork.


#1 Ljl on 07.10.18 at 4:31 pm

Must have been too busy posting stupid shit on Facebook.

#2 JKC on 07.10.18 at 5:28 pm

Back in 1972, the DNC had to reconvene a convention in August, too, in order, to replace Eagleton with Shriver…. Is anyone else thinking what I am thinking?…. 😉


#3 JKC on 07.10.18 at 9:06 pm

The Chair – at a county meeting – is claiming that it is just a snafu due to a lack of signatures, but if you read the letter from the SOS, the letter from the SDDP to the SOS certifying the nominees missed the deadline, too:

I think we should open up the convention for potential new nominees, too, especially for LG.

All delegates need to attend this reconvening. Its not legally necessary, but it is appropriate.

#Kooper? 😉

#4 scott on 07.10.18 at 9:42 pm

they could’ve reconvened at pizza ranch and still had plenty of room.