UPDATE: Sioux Falls City Councilor Brekke guest on Jon Michael’s FORUM


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#1 Warren Phear on 07.02.18 at 8:35 pm

This was a really great interview. Everyone should listen. Janet on collaboration, between ALL the members of the council. I’ll throw in my two cents and say the collaboration that might exist is in splinter groups of five. Three are left to fend for themselves. Jon Michaels has been around SF as long as me. He see’s what’s going on. Developers making huge amounts of money at the expense of taxpayers. SF becoming way expensive a town to call home.

Example. Foundation Park. That 820 acres was bought by some entity??? for $24,300 an acre. That entity??? sold 54 acres of it to the anchor tenant for $105,000 an acre. Some entity??? stands to clear over $80,000 an acre on 820 acres. That’s a lot of money. How did that land get to be worth that much in just the span of a couple years? On the backs of taxpayers seeing their water and sewer rates skyrocket EVERY year. It cost the city about $36 million just to get sewer to foundation. Now tack on water, streets, electricity. I would venture a guess at over 60 million to get those utilities up there. With utilities the land magically goes from 24.3 thousand an acre to 105.5 thousand an acre. Does that profit per acre go back to the utilities to fund future projects? Who knows? It certainly does not appear to. Another round of utility rate incresaes is right around the corner.