City Auditor realizes job is boring, quits

Well, I’m not sure if that is the real reason, but I guess the rumor going around the council chambers is she didn’t do much. Well neither did the past auditor. I have known for awhile that she was considering leaving and there was a bit of ‘drama’ going on in the auditor’s office.

So essentially now we have an auditor-less auditor’s office, and the city councilor in charge of that office, Neitzert, has requested to go to ‘management training’ to deal with them.

They need to hire a real Hard-Ass that will take the city books and turn them upside down.

I’m finding out post Bucktooth & Bowlcut that not to many things have changed.


#1 D@ily Spin on 08.03.18 at 10:57 pm

When it costs to much, can’t be justified, and is riddled with corruption see Turbak. When he retires and you’re auditor, resign or sneak out the back with an assumed name forged Argentina passport.

#2 anonymous on 08.04.18 at 9:51 am

What is Neitzert suggesting?

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