Retaining wall at 300 North Duluth Avenue still not fixed

A South DaCola foot soldier told me this retaining wall fell down months ago and still nothing has been done to clean it up let alone start to rebuild it. The stone wall fell onto city property and now the area is blocked off with plastic fence. They have school kids needing to walk to school in about three weeks. We also have winter weather coming. I think it would be interesting to hear just where this is with the city. Remember the city was warned that this wall would probably fall over and did nothing to stop it, now they are doing nothing to fix it. I guess they are more concerned about making sure a hotel is built downtown.

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#1 D@ily Spin on 08.03.18 at 10:53 pm

A hotel is public money for a private project. It’s taboo to spend some slush fund on maintaining city property when it can be used as interest on insurmountable bond debt.