Update: Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Aug 28, 2018

Informational Meeting • 4 PM

Minnehaha-Lincoln County Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan presentation. I’m glad to see this. We have been talking about what plans risk management has in case of a major train derailment. And now with the recent amounia leak in the Big Poo by Smithfield’s it’ time we put on our big kid pants on as a city and realize we need to be prepared for a major disaster.

We will also get an update on the Emerald Ash Borer.

Joint Minnehaha County/Council meeting • 5 PM



#1 D@ily Spin on 08.27.18 at 9:38 am

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#2 JKC on 08.27.18 at 11:40 am

If people would just go to church, we wouldn’t need so many new wedding barns…. (jk) 😉

(Hey, did you know that Mom and Dad got married in a barn?) 🙁

#3 bruce on 08.27.18 at 3:50 pm

Did they consummate in the Barn?

#4 JKC on 08.28.18 at 1:17 pm

Only animals do that, right?….. Speaking of that…..


…. It should be fun. It will remind me of the good old days when the British invaded us (without arms or redcoats) instead of the Ruskies now with their hacking hacks….