UPDATE: Sioux Falls School District Propaganda Machine in full swing

UPDATE: By the school district using their media department and resources to promote the election they may be violating state law (Link to OPINION HERE). Just listen to some of the language like “It’s not extravagant.” “It’s ONLY $2 a month.” “Vote centers make it CONVENIENT to vote.” “We have been TRANSPARENT.” “The Chamber of Commerce supports the bonds.”

Remember; There is NO plan on how to staff the new schools. The super precinct (13), special election will limit voter participation which will make it a low voter turnout, which means a couple thousand people will decide a $300 million dollar tax increase. The E-Poll books are unreliable and so is the person running the elections for the school district. Who will tabulate the votes? We need a paper trail. There has been no payoff amount given to the public, the school district claims they will ‘pay it off early’, but have no evidence how they will do that. The task force has several conflicts of interest. VOTE NO on this bond, it’s too much, we need to re-district first and explore adding on to existing schools!

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#1 JKC on 08.02.18 at 4:42 pm

“Super Precincts” are not convenient, because in theory we could all show up at the same “SP” to vote, then you would have long lines unlike the old precinct system.

Now, some may say that won’t happen, but to say that is to say that the school board hopes there is not a great turnout; and that any one of the “Super Precincts” are then not prepared to be “convenient” for you the voter as well as any of the other voters too…. But the Board doesn’t want to admit to that, do they?

The key word according to state statute is “convenient,” but “Super Precincts” are not convenient because their alleged convenience is dependent upon a low voter turn out, which no democratic institution should ever hope for nor promote through their procedural approaches to democratic acts within its jurisdiction and governing responsibilities.

The mere faculties of “Super Precincts” are dependent upon an undemocratic view of the electoral process, in order, for the “Super Precincts” to efficiently, or “conveniently,” work in name only for the sake of the overseeing governmental body, but at the expense of the voter and/or taxpayer.