Meet & Greet with District 13 House Candidate Sullivan

There couldn’t be more perfect opposite to her opponent Rex Rolfing.


#1 JKC on 09.10.18 at 8:53 pm

If Rex wins and Billie is elected governor, then will Rex stage a walkout from the Capitol building every time he sees Billie in his cowboy hat?

#2 D@ily Spin on 09.10.18 at 9:12 pm

Hats off for her. Anybody but ‘Rex the Ex’.

#3 The Guy from Guernsey on 09.10.18 at 10:40 pm

Not able to attend this event, but look forward to crossing over to Blue to vote for Ms Sullivan as my State Representative in this race.
Just as is being done in DC, we need to shake things up in Pierre. Permanently retire the same old Republican cronyists like Rolfing.
Perhaps a yard sign to place amidst the portion of District 13 which is the Taupe Housing Society of Conformity? (What would Very Stable Genius say about about these acts of non-conformity?).

#4 JKC on 09.11.18 at 12:28 pm


“VSG” would have said that it was further proof of the “Blue Wave.” And that one could only hope that some of the blue would stick around to permanently replace some of the taupe as well.

(“I really like Sioux Falls, but why is it all taupe?”…. Said the tourist at the Falls.)

Oh, and unlike “Roseanne,” but like “Murphy Brown,” I heard that “VSG” might return….. Just in time for some 2019 predictions, that is….

#5 The Guy from Guernsey on 09.11.18 at 11:32 pm

It is against HOA covenants in most areas of the Taupe Housing Society of Conformity to replace taupe with blue … even if done so on the figurative basis of politics.

#6 The Guy from Guernsey on 09.11.18 at 11:36 pm

Not certain of a Blue Wave on a national basis.
In the state-wide races, Sutton has a chance (and my vote), so does Seiler.

#7 JKC on 09.12.18 at 10:08 am


I think there will be a “Blue Wave,” but the “Red Wave” is there, too. The Trumpsters will be out voting as well, which will negate a lot of potential success for Dems in traditionally red states, I am afraid.

Sutton will have to get 55% of the vote for Democratic constitutional candiates to win, but if Sutton wins, I say he wins in a squeaker.

Oh, and drug dealers in Rio Janeiro make the poor all paint their houses institutional green so that domicles cannot be distinguished if the police attempt to investigate drugs and crime. It’s like biker gangs, who all ride “club bikes.” And something tells me, that taupe housing is much the same…. 😉