Trump & Libel

Not sure if you had a chance to watch Trump’s speech yesterday (about 30 minutes of blubbering) but you can find it somewhere.

During his rant he mentions twice to Thune and Rounds that we need better libel laws so people like the president can sue over ‘fake news’. I know that it is difficult for sitting politicians to sue but former Senator Larry Pressler successfully won a suit over libel in 1998 after a book accused him of being gay.

I guess what I would tell Trump is, go for it. If the news isn’t telling the truth, please by all means, prove it in a court of law. The problem is, I don’t think our Liar in Chief stands a snowball chance in Hell of winning a libel case. It requires you to offer evidence and proof what is being reported is untruthful.


I was actually pretty impressed with Mallory’s eight minute interview. He hammered Trump on crop tariff’s and Obama’s recent comments. While Trump blew a lot of smoke (like saying the tariffs will help the farmers in the long run), Brady did a great job of standing his ground. BRAVO.


#1 JKC on 09.08.18 at 2:34 pm

Brady definitely did a great job. But as usual, as soon as someone asks Trump about racism. He cuts them off.

#2 D@ily Spin on 09.08.18 at 2:45 pm

I didn’t like how Trump insinuated that Rounds and Thune would bring legislation addressing political libel. He should ask them first. They should state what they do favors the state and they cannot defend a presidents reputation. He must do that himself. I especially didn’t like him addressing our senators as Mike and John. Senators are checks and balances who must stay impartial.

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