Why is the local media being mysteriously quiet about Trump’s visit?

I’d Rather see this guy

Let’s face it, we all know the local media has talked to people attending the event (as I have). So why are they not telling us the location and time?

I will tell you that the location is no longer some gigantic secret. Just drive past the convention center and you will see noticeable traffic diversions. But we all kind of figured that.

What about the time? Well usually with a presidential visit, those things are always up in the air anyway, HA! Literally. But attendees were given a time to ‘be there’. As with most presidential visits they will have to stand around for a long time with their fingers up their butt waiting. Let’s just say it’s between 1 PM and 4 PM.

I also have been told (this is from only one source, so don’t wet your pants) that Noem sold 50, $5,000 tickets. This was the supposed limit, with a 100 people requesting). I have NOT heard how many people are showing up for the trailer park rate of $500.

As you know, I could care less about DC politics. It’s broke as F’ck and we all know the most valuable decisions are made locally when it comes to our lives, taxes, etc. A presidential visit to me doesn’t mean much.

But some have to wonder why our local media is being such chicken sh*ts about telling us the details of the President’s visit?

Oh, that’s right, media revenue. And we know Noem has a boatload of money (and even more tomorrow). We wouldn’t want to spoil tomorrow’s circus? Would we?

The Winners always Win, not because they are winners, but because they have more money. And when you hear that loud sucking sound tomorrow afternoon by the Convention Center, it’s not the elite dropping coin to see Trump, it’s our local media.

Oh, and if you want an alternative to the sh*t show, Tim Bjorkman is handing out FREE food at Terrace Park after 5 PM on Friday. Please Tim, no chili or hotdogs (unless it’s chili hot dogs).


#1 l3wis on 09.06.18 at 11:23 pm

LOL, 2 hours after this post we have the ‘official’ news;


#2 JKC on 09.07.18 at 12:03 am

Last I checked, South Dakota is Trump’s third best performing state in terms of holding onto his popularity since his inauguration, so why the secrecy about this fundraiser? What are they ashamed of? Are they too scared to talk to farmers, or to let farmers know where they are meeting until now? Do they fear an organized protest (Don’t worry, the Dems don’t think we should do one.)?

And don’t forget that because of Noem and Trump our federal deficits are becoming worse and not better because of the Noem/Trump tax cut. Even though, when Noem first ran for Congress, she reassured her young son in a campaign commercial, while her family played Monopoly, that she would do something about that deficit (…”Don’t worry, I’ll work on that…”). Boy, she sured did and thanks to it her personal political coffers are apparently $ 250,000+ richer….


#3 Helga on 09.07.18 at 2:59 am

What are the odds trump will talk more about his BFF Kim Jong Un and impeachment then Kristi Noem and the next governor of South Dakota?

#4 scott on 09.07.18 at 8:27 am

if billie sutton would like to scare voters into voting for him, he should run an ad showing how much the deficit went up over noem’s time in office, and how much it could go up if she’s in pierre.

#5 Joe on 09.07.18 at 11:21 am

Actually, it’s because we don’t have the luxury of reporting what no one will confirm on record. … You should understand this by now.

#6 D@ily Spin on 09.07.18 at 1:15 pm

It’s $5,000 for a picture with Trump. I can do a photoshop for less than ten. Even so, I don’t want to be seen with him and most everyone will not either once he’s impeached. I’m voting for Noem but she needs to pick her friends more wisely.

#7 l3wis on 09.07.18 at 1:48 pm

Joe, first off, it only takes two eyeballs to see yesterday afternoon they were setting up the convention center for the visit AND I find it hard to believe that you couldn’t get at lease ONE person who was attending to go on record.

#8 anominous on 09.07.18 at 2:20 pm

Wonder if he learned how to pronounce “anonymous” yet.

#9 Helga on 09.07.18 at 5:32 pm

He finally mentioned her name just before he walked off the stage. Wonder if the 50 people who paid $5,000 got their monies worth. But Kristi got $250,000 so a big day for her.

#10 D@ily Spin on 09.08.18 at 11:31 am

Will Noem Op Ed with other republicans? She could be Am-Amono-plus.

#11 JKC on 09.08.18 at 2:37 pm

I am waiting for a Republican in South Dakota to Op Ed Noem.