Billie Sutton Interview; Re-Post from 4/28/2018


#1 Not Bad on 10.08.18 at 10:52 am

Conservative here. I found his interview to be enlightening and seems like a decent dude. I cannot vote for him due to the party he represents but, I have seen worse. I would think if supporting someone like this if he was an independent, I know that sounds dumb but, I will never support someone who represents a party who is Pro Choice. I find abortion evil and unnecessary and disgusting that its used as a form of contraception. I am NOT here to debate this topic and I am not trying to cause a back and forth I am simply stating that I, like most in SD are conservatives for those reasons wont support Ds. I grew up in Democrat households but, my whole family switch to Republican during the late 70s early 80s for many reasons and abortion was one of them. I am for the working man and I like what Bruce said about getting manufacturing back and I feel that is important. I also support bringing back more classes in school like shop, auto mechanics, etc. The other side of the coin I cannot support is Income Tax, NO THANK YOU. I pay through the nose in property taxes now living in Lincoln county and taxing my income (my production) is a non starter for me. I am NOT happy with Noem as my choice but, that D on his chest is going to prevent me from voting for him.

#2 l3wis on 10.08.18 at 1:08 pm

First off, Billie is Pro-Life. Secondly, it doesn’t matter, only the Supreme Court can overturn abortion, a governor and legislature can only try to chip away at the law, but they CANNOT overturn Roe VS. Wade. A court case has to become before them. That is why I have never understand candidates taking a stand on abortion either way. I look at it as a personal decision. If you are against abortion, don’t have one.

#3 JKC on 10.08.18 at 1:45 pm

How does one make abortion illegal without having empowered a government to beable to say someday that one or some must have abortions? Because currently, Roe v. Wade is one of the major ways that makes us totally different from a communist China or a Taliban Afghanistan.

I am of the opinion, that those who are anti-choice allow their emotional intelligence to override their scholastic intelligence.

Also, abortion is a moral issue and not a political one. Although, the later suggestion has been legitimized by the right as a political weapon, I must admit. But the logic on this issue that it should somehow be political, if geniune, was certainly not agreed to by the great conservative, Barry Goldwater, who in 1983 voted against a constitutional amendment to ban abortion, however. My guess is that Goldwater understood the libertarian argument which made abortion not political but rather a moral issue.

And it is that libertarian reality, which is scholastic in nature, that overrides, or should overide, any emotional tendencies with the understanding that any moral concerns that are legitimate, which actually may be spurred by ones emotions, need to be dealt with outside of the political arena and left to a woman and her doctor. Because abortion as an issue should be seen as moral in a scholastic context and not an emotional one.

Now, some will say that we legislate morals all the time, which is true, but the argument can probably be made they are not just and warranted, or that better yet, they do not infringe upon the rights of individuals, or in this case women, to the degree that an anti-choice position does, so their “good intensions” and outcomes outweight any infringement.

What about the fetus? Well, what about miscarriages?
Fore, I wonder just how many miscarriage funerals that most, or all, anti-choice people have ever attended? Are there any published in the Argus, right now?

And ‘Not Bad,’ what are the other or “many” other reasons that you and your family left the Democratic Party in the 1970s and 80s? Was it primarily the politics of Jimmy Carter?… Seriously, I would love to know. Let’s talk or comment about them.

#4 JKC on 10.08.18 at 1:51 pm


#5 scott on 10.08.18 at 7:54 pm

not bad, there are 3rd party candidates on the ballot that you could vote for instead of noem.

#6 The Guy from Guernsey on 10.09.18 at 1:22 pm

‘Not Bad’, you will continue to get the state government which you deseve as long as you, and voters such as you continue to allow your vote to be heId hostage by a single issue.
Keep voting for the cavalcade of Democrats who masquerade as ‘Republicans’ in this state in order to gain your vote and get elected to office simply by placing the letter ‘R’ placed behind their name … and, apparently by branding as ‘Pro-Life’.
These supposed ‘Republicans’ are responsible for driving massive increases in taxes [IM 25 merely the most recent example].
I am a Republican who is not going to be fooled anymore.
Vote Billie!

#7 JKC on 10.09.18 at 9:24 pm


Are you saying, if I get you right, that the Democrats have invaded the SD GOP, while Republican values have infiltrated the SD Dems?

So, you are telling me that a ‘Trojan Horse’ is more dangerous, than a ‘Stepford Wife?’ But is not the enemy within more dangerous, long term, than an enemy which is hidden, but captivated?

Please enlighten me on your taupe thoughts….