UPDATE: Is the TenHaken Administration getting ready to get ‘TIFaliscious’?

Well, that wasn’t to tough, they got Brian Allen at KSFY to roll over and talk about how great TIFs are. Funny, the important part missing from Allen’s story, the actual economic impact;

A KSFY review of active Tax Increment Financing projects in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota shows there is a dramatic drop-off in TIF usage.

You know why? Because several studies have been done showing they have very little economic impact. I also find if comical that Allen only interviewed PRO TIF folks and NO one who is against them. I also like how some in the interview talk about how South Dakota does them ‘different’. Good stuff. Yet there has been NO extensive study done in South Dakota showing the actual economic impact of them. Why? Because the results would be grim.

What other people don’t realize is that when we give wealthy developers TIFs we all pay more in property taxes to supplement them to fund things like our counties, cities and public education.

I think the TenHaken administration is gearing up to start handing them out, literally like candy. His COS, Beck, wrote the Sanford Sports Complex TIF while working for the city (the largest in state history) and she also wrote the most recent one while working for Lloyd Companies for the Cascade project that is mostly marketplace apartments.

Tonight the city is hiring a finance director who worked for the Costello Companies (a major developer in SF) who is also an expert in TIFs.

It is pretty clear to me they are getting us prepped and they are probably chiding our local media behind the scenes to talk about the ‘positivity’ of TIFs.

Let’s face it, they are simply a tax rebate for private developers who could easily pay the taxes with or without the TIF. We don’t have a growth problem in Sioux Falls. In fact we are developing so much and building so fast we can’t hire people fast enough. The city council even gave SE Tech $100K for more job training programs. This tells me we don’t need to be subsidizing growth and development in Sioux Falls, it actually tells me we need to find ways to slow this growth and concentrate on SMART-STEADY growth not FAST URBAN SPRAWL.

The TIF model in itself isn’t a bad idea, but I think it should be applied to cleaning up neighborhoods. Giving tax rebates to single family homeowners and small apartment owners to clean up the neighborhoods would be a better approach, and it would be a visible economic impact. When individuals have to spend less on taxes and divert that money to improving their properties and lives that means they spend more money on other things that help with sales tax revenue that truly impacts our community. Businesses who use TIFs to expand their businesses don’t pay sales taxes, they just collect them. Give the rebates to individuals who will actually use them to improve lives and contribute to sales tax revenue.

Let’s face it, TIFs right now are truly ‘Corporate Welfare’ and not much else.

UPDATE: Did anyone catch Dusty Johnson in the interview? Mr. Fiscal Conservative ANTI-WELFARE wants to raise the Social Security age gladly preaching the ‘WINS’ about TIFs? We know exactly what Dusty would do in Congress, handout to big business while stepping on the little guy. If I was the Bjorkman campaign I would be clipping this little piece of corporate welfare pie for a future TV commercial.


#1 scott on 10.09.18 at 7:33 pm

i’m sure paul prayed about it, and jesus said tif’s are ok.

#2 l3wis on 10.09.18 at 7:39 pm

You didn’t see the section in the New Testament about TIFs? Jesus was a carpenter.

#3 Matthew Paulson on 10.09.18 at 8:16 pm

Geez. Give the guy a chance before throwing stones on TIFs that don’t exist yet. For all we know, they could be planning on offering TIFs for affordable housing projects which are desperately needed.

#4 l3wis on 10.09.18 at 8:25 pm

Sorry, been watching these players for over a decade, the writing is on the wall captain. If it was truly for affordable housing they would embrace my idea to use tax rebates to clean up neighborhoods.

#5 JKC on 10.09.18 at 9:13 pm

They mention that TIFs in South Dakota are not used enough relative to neighboring states like Minnesota and Iowa. But what this report fails to mention, is that the Minnesota economy is six times the size of South Dakotas and Iowa’s is three times the size of South Dakotas. So when you factor that in, South Dakota is not suffering from a TIF drought, trust me.

Let us also remember, that California was the first state to use TIFs, but they are no longer used there, because they began to be abused…… #SoundFamiliar

The overall narrative of this story, too, is that without TIFs the area around and near the once “Phillip to the Falls” project would have never happened or be completed. So you are trying to tell me that “PttF” itself did not end the “blight,” rather it was the reality of the lack of development that ended, or is ending, the “blight?”

What? Apparently, it was not Pitt’s Savage that was once the “blight,” rather it was the lack of development afterwards. So couldn’t one argue that the still vastness of Foundation Park deserves a couple TIFs, too?….(Hey, don’t give them any ideas….)

The only remedying value of TIFs are that they allow for governmental entities to have a greater say in development, which allows them to direct or usher in development in a certain way, which is good for city planning, like encouraging development along North Phillips Avenue for instance…. So no wonder “blight” is now defined as “development needs,” when it comes to Sioux Falls. (“Honey, we should build a deck to make our backyard more attractive and bright, and less blight.”)

As far as Dusty, yep, if he goes to DC, ‘Opie’ will be working hard to ruin Social Security…. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Bjorkman camp thinks the way to win is to move to the right and be pro-NRA and anti-choice….#Naught!……#GetAClue!

#6 anominous on 10.09.18 at 9:44 pm

free TIFs for bitcoinerz I say!

#7 anonymous on 10.10.18 at 9:47 am

The TenHaken/Beck/Nelson Team are about to reveal themselves.

#8 Fluff McFluffin on 10.11.18 at 11:25 am

Well, I must say I am proud of all of you. It took well over 100 days for you to turn on the mayor. Let this post mark the official D-Day of your scorched earth campaign. Selfishly, I look forward to the show you and yours will put on. I don’t usually take free things but these circus tickets are going to be too fun to pass up!

#9 l3wis on 10.11.18 at 2:04 pm

How am I ‘turning on the mayor’ by just disagreeing with his TIF policy (that he hasn’t implemented yet)? I have yet to personally attack Paul and find no reason to. I think he has been extremely respectful to citizens.

I predicted long before the election that the developer donor list he accumulated would mean he has to give pay back. It’s coming kids.

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