UPDATE: Mayor TenHaken getting closer to the Dawn of the TIFs

So he makes this announcement today;

“Taking care of citizens is job number one for the City,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “Our economic and workforce growth is dependent upon a healthy construction and housing industry, and this reorganization will help industry thrive as well as our citizens who are the housing consumers in Sioux Falls.”

In other words get ready for TIFiliscious 2.0. They are trying to slowly smooth us into this. But as I have said about city government many times, it is extremely predictable.

I asked a city councilor when this press release came out at 4:50 PM today if they knew about the reorganization. You know the answer.

UPDATE: I also find this video below of Dusty Johnson talking about ‘welfare’ while the company he works for took a ‘corporate welfare’ in TIFs. So it is OK for YOUR parents to take welfare, and it is okay for YOUR company to take welfare, but gosh darn it, you are going to crack down on all the other people? It reminds of Leslee Unruh who had an abortion but doesn’t want anyone else to have that right.

Republicans; Do as I say, NOT as I do.


#1 JKC on 10.10.18 at 9:40 pm

Dusty pulled this welfare commercial out of his magical elevator, but it will probably work, because the Bjorkman campaign is too busy trying to convince voters that they are Republican or conservative enough, with their pro-NRA and anti-choice stances, to address the real issues like protecting Social Security and Medicare from politicians like ‘Opie,’ I mean Dusty…..And addressing the current state of South Dakotas ag economy as well.

With Trump’s trade policies, the overall state of the current farm economy now, and even before Trump became president, how can a congressional race for an open seat in a rural state like South Dakota be about guns, abortion, and welfare, when it should be able the current economic state of agriculture here in South Dakota?….. But then when you run to manipulate instead of to lead, you end up, I am afraid, leading on at best, while the other steals the show….



#2 scott on 10.11.18 at 6:29 am

if people on welfare are working in order to get welfare, isn’t the business the one really getting the welfare? Having the government pay the employee so they don’t have to?

#3 JKC on 10.11.18 at 8:51 am

How about this one, when the owner of Muth Electric is on KELO (last night) claiming we need to raise taxes on working stiffs, via IM 25, so that vocational education will be cheaper, which in turn will make it easier for him to find vocational tech gradutes to hire, is that not welfare for corporations? Has the owner of this electrical company ever thought about raising wages so the cost of a vocational education is more affordable and attractive?… Probably not, because he wants the underpaid working stiffs to pay his way…. (“But they are the ‘jobs creators'”…..”You are so ungrateful”…… “Ungrateful my @#$…..”…….)



#4 Warren Phear on 10.11.18 at 5:07 pm

I used to be in the trade muth is in. Here is how they work the system. Being based from Mitchell, they were the first to grab vo tech grads from there. They promised plenty of work, and a great future. But here is the reality. As soon as these grads approched their 4th year of apprenticeship, they are discarded for the newest crop of grads. They are a revolving door. That is why they have a constant need for apprentices. It is a stay the hell away from operation for those in the know.

#5 D@ily Spin on 10.11.18 at 10:32 pm

I’m starting to see favor with IM-25. It doubles and takes only tobacco tax. The only way to stop tobacco use is make it to expensive. Some will go to tech schools. No doubt, most will go into the general fund. I’m not a smoker. I’m monetarily unaffected and there’s more state revenue.

TIF’s became political contribution reimbursement and subsidized housing for the middle class. Isn’t it time to stop this handout?

#6 JKC on 10.12.18 at 1:24 pm

WP, what you have identified is how most of the call centers in Sioux Falls work, too.

Too many employers in Sioux Falls do not develop their employees, rather they just use them like troops that they throw at the front line. Except, that the war is endless, but ones job is not, and the generals, or the owners in this case, do not have to live in bunkers, because they fear no true final threatening invasion as long as their buddies are in power in Pierre…

#7 anonymous on 10.13.18 at 9:23 am

SF call centers = sweat shops

#8 JKC on 10.13.18 at 12:22 pm

These call centers, which for the most part were encouraged or created by politicians, artificially decrease the unemployment rate in this town; because it is easy to get a job with one of them, but its hard to hold on to it in many cases. So the revolving door reality of these jobs displaces the true reality of employment figures in this town to the degree that employment means longevity and stability, so that you can be a true and contributing player in our overall economy, that is…

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