Chamber announces Sioux Falls new population numbers

I wonder how many of the 4,700 were newborns?

Upon another record year of construction, strong job growth, and improvements within our community’s quality of life standards, Sioux Falls continues to see its population increase. The population of Sioux Falls now is estimated at 183,200, a growth of 4,700 people over the last year.

On an annual basis, Planning and Building Services develops year-end populations estimates; the annual July population estimates are developed by the U.S. Census Bureau. Sioux Falls has averaged a 3,200-person annual increase for more than ten years.

This 4,700 person increase over the past 12 months means the city is growing at a rate of 2.6 percent. Last year, the city grew by 5,200 persons, a 3.0 percent growth rate. Since January 1, 2000, Sioux Falls has seen a 59,000-person increase in our population. The last Census estimate (July 2016) showed a 2,700-person, 1.6 percent increase. By 2025, the population of Sioux Falls is projected to be 202,000.


#1 Cloth Taco on 11.09.18 at 11:14 pm

And with the “Caravan” coming, it should only get bigger over time….


#2 Warren Phear on 11.10.18 at 6:20 pm

Caravan??? What caravan? Ain’t heard squat about it since tuesday night. Was hoping sneve would have a hotline update, but nothing so far.

#3 All Tacoed Out! on 11.11.18 at 6:49 pm

I heard they (the Caravan of people) were counting the votes in the Arizona Senate race and are the reason that Beto almost won….At least that’s what FOX News told me….

#4 Patrick L Lalley on 11.12.18 at 10:02 am

Pre-recession the rule of thumb was one-third birth/death, one-third in-state migration, one-third out-of-state migration. The recession killed a lot of migration but it’s coming back. So I’m going to go 50 percent of that number is net birth/death. That’s some high-level statistical analysis for you.