Man guts deer in front yard on Euclid Ave. (Found on FB)

Either he is really proud, stupid, or both. Wanna bet his name is Clem? People often ask me, “Why do Republicans keep getting elected in SD?” I have picture verification now.


#1 D@ily Spin on 11.09.18 at 11:44 am

No city ordinance against it. If there was, it would be unenforceable. Notice that passer by hardly notices. It’s no wonder the rest of the country has their impression of Dakotans. We’re primitive Fargo movie types. Yaw

#2 Stiles Bitchley on 11.09.18 at 4:39 pm

Actually, he’s not gutting it. The guts are in a field where he field dressed it. Looks like he is getting ready to skin and de-bone it. Circle of life and one more example of the one thing that can ruin a perfectly good neighborhood. Neighbors.

#3 Album Taco on 11.09.18 at 5:21 pm

Where’s his ‘MAGA Hat?’

#4 Laserdisc Taco on 11.09.18 at 6:19 pm

Do you really think that he recycles, or are those his liberal neighbor’s trash cans?


#5 The Guy from Guernsey on 11.09.18 at 10:22 pm

N Euclid ? Or S Euclid ?
If N Euclid, that is SD Legislative Dist 15. Not likely to be a Repub located in 15.
If S Euclid, that is SD Legislative Dist 12. Probably one of the nouveau Dems in 12 which propelled Kasey Olivier to within 27 votes of Blake Curd.
And if he must be a Repub, then, as suggested by ‘scott’ in a previous thread, I much prefer to think of him as ‘Cletus’ – Cousin Cletus, Uncle Cletus, Cousband Cletus. Take your pick.

#6 The Guy from Guernsey on 11.09.18 at 10:25 pm

Nice to see the City Patriots in the neighborhood repping the official city flag.

#7 Two Cans & a String Taco on 11.10.18 at 12:13 pm

What about “Uncle Buck?” (What? (Is that Stace?))

#8 Bruce on 11.10.18 at 1:33 pm

Reminds me of Sarah Palin interview in front of Turkey killing operation. #wearewasila

#9 All Tacoed Out! on 11.10.18 at 7:20 pm

I couldn’t resist!….. Happy Early Thanksgiving Everyone!


#10 l3wis on 11.10.18 at 9:04 pm

I love it when the next turkey is being hoisted to it’s demise the reporter says to Palin about the budget, “Anything else on the chopping block?” LOL.

Governor Moose Drool gave me so much material.

#11 Rachel on 11.10.18 at 9:35 pm

His name is Darrel and his other brothers name is Darrel. Doesn’t he have a backyard or a garage he can hang a dead animal behind? Ick!

#12 Taco Bar on 11.10.18 at 9:57 pm

In hindsight, I think we would have been better off, however, with a President Quayle and a President Palin, than Bush43 and the current Clockwork Orange mess that we have in the Oval office right now…. Oh well, as long as we are pardoned eventually from this current butchering of our principles and traditions we should beable to recover for a better day, or would that be a Butterball day? 😉

Also…..Say, is anyone planning to have spuds on Thanksgiving Day?…..Just curious:

#13 teatime on 11.11.18 at 11:41 pm

What’s the big deal? Maybe not for the squeamish, but then don’t look. The trend is to know where your food comes from these days. So why should he hide it behind the house? Chances are this was just the best branch to use to hang it from or his better half said “No way are you doing that in the basement!”

#14 Really!! Come On on 11.12.18 at 9:49 am

You guys on here are some seriously judgmental folks. He is doing nothing wrong, would I do it, no but, come on. The guts are in the field, he is probably just skinning it, de-boning and cutting it up.

Scott – What the hell is wrong with you, Why are you posting a picture of a private citizen, minding his own business on his property! I get that public officials are fair game but, this seems out of bounds.

#15 l3wis on 11.12.18 at 9:59 am

LOL. First off, if he didn’t want anyone seeing him ‘skin’ the deer or take picts of him, maybe he should have done this out of public view. Me thinks he was very proud of his hunt, and that is probably the reason he hung it in the front yard for all to see.

Cue up the banjos and sawblades . . . .

#16 Really!! Come On on 11.12.18 at 10:10 am

“Banjos and Sawblades” Sounds pretty judgmental and stereotypical of someone who hunts. I don’t think the guy cares if anyone sees him but, I am questioning YOUR decision to post it for public fodder. Its quite apparent you, and many on here, are mocking and judging him.

Seems pretty low rent to even do, and it was apparently a slow news day when you posted it.

#17 l3wis on 11.12.18 at 10:17 am

I grew up on farm where we ‘truck’ hunted all the time. I have cleaned my share of deer, pheasant, ducks, chickens, geese, hogs and lambs. But hanging a hog from a tree in a farm yard is a far fetch from hanging it from a front yard tree in a Central SF residential neighborhood. It’s a little uncouth, and I am sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate.

So yes, I am mocking him, and rightfully so.

#18 Really!! Come On on 11.12.18 at 10:25 am

For a group of folks who consider themselves the “tolerant left” I find a lot of intolerance here. I am simply questioning your decision to put this guy on blast for everyone to see. While I am not a huge fan of everyone in city government I am starting to get an understanding why you are so disliked at city hall. Yes I know you will say its because you are getting to the truth but, I think you push the boundaries a little too far and this is an example of that. Have a good day sir!

#19 l3wis on 11.12.18 at 10:50 am

I’m am tolerant, not just of ignorant Clems who apparently have very little tolerance of their neighbors who had to endure this hillybilly spectacle. As for his identity, notice there is NOTHING in the picture that identifies him. No street address, no car in the driveway with a license plate, and the picture of his face is so small you can’t tell who it is. AND, as I said in the beginning of this post, I snagged this from FB where it has been shared many times. I find it a little ironic that someone who has the email address Violent Jay would preach about tolerance. LOL.

#20 Really!! Come On on 11.12.18 at 11:04 am

Its a junk email address I created 20 years ago, so when I sign up for stuff it can all go here. It came from my youth from unwisely listening to an Eminem CD and thinking it would be a funny email (its a moniker he used to make fun of Insane Clown Posse). Not sure why my email address has anything to do with the conversation at hand but, you assumed, so I am telling you where I concocted such a stupid address.

You once again are skating by the issue I raised, you feel this is appropriate to post. I don’t care if you grabbed it from Facebook or someone sent it to you. I am hearing you stating its appropriate and warranted. My only point is it seems pretty judgmental and somewhat hypocritical of someone who wants to be taken seriously. Stick to your local politics and keep random residents off the blog. I am surprised you are defending it but, maybe I shouldn’t be

#21 l3wis on 11.12.18 at 11:08 am

You don’t get it? Do you? As I am pointing out, it is also inappropriate to skin a deer in your front yard in a residential neighborhood. While it may be ‘legal’ it still doesn’t make it right.

#22 Really!! Come On on 11.12.18 at 11:42 am

Oh I get it, I get your point clearly. I don’t feel its a good idea, nor would I be that pleased with this man if he were my neighbor and skinning a dear in his yard. I also am not happy when my neighbor fires up is mower at 6 AM, doesn’t mean I post a pic on FB to show everyone nor would I post it if I had a blog/column I ran.

I don’t feel its appropriate to post and publicly shame him. Do you get that or don’t you? You are somewhat of public figure who does a good job of covering the local politicians in a way the local media does not. I look for those insights and I come here to digest it because I have really tried to become more informed about what is going on. I recall about 2 years ago you were at a meeting defending my neighborhood over a development and I appreciated it. I am just unimpressed with this kind of stuff and it creates division to an extent as I would not want to have my picture plastered on here because I did something someone disagreed with. I don’t get the need to do this to someone publicly. Sioux Falls is the biggest small town ever so it would not be too hard to identify this guy, that is all I am saying

#23 l3wis on 11.12.18 at 1:16 pm

I don’t think this compares to people who mow their lawn at 6 AM. And as I have said, I think he is quite proud of the fact he is skinning the deer in his front yard. He could of politely asked his neighbors if they minded. Nope, a clem does as a clem does, no need fer permickson, Ironically, one of his neighbors might have offered him garage space to do it. If this was a couple of homeless peeps down by the river doing this, I guess I wouldn’t feel the need to embarrass or shame them, but really? Skinning a deer in your front yard in Central Sioux Falls? Really?

#24 Taco Bar on 11.12.18 at 1:54 pm

I once had a neighbor, who asked if I would be offended, if he shot rabbits in the neighborhood with a BB gun, but at least he did not skin them in public…


#25 Daniel Buresh on 11.13.18 at 12:21 pm

You guys are mad that you had to witness where meat comes from? Not everyone has a garage, fancy shop, or a big check book to send that for processing at the locker. Sometimes a tree in the yard is all you have. I know you delicate city dwellers like to be hidden from the truth behind the meat you eat, but the rest of us enjoy harvesting and processing the meat we put on our tables. If that bothers you, I suggest giving up meat entirely and becoming a vegetarian.

#26 l3wis on 11.13.18 at 1:13 pm

So you are contending that he had money for a rifle, bullets, gas money to drive his truck around, a deer license, a ladder, and a purty harness to hang the deer, oh and a skinning knife, but he had no money left to get it processed?


#27 Daniel Buresh on 11.13.18 at 3:18 pm

He had money left, but why pay $180 to a locker to skin and de-bone a deer when you can skin it and quarter it in 15 minutes. Then, de-bone it in your house in an hour or so? Some people would rather save the money and do it themselves.

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