Newly renovated movie theater has full liquor bar

Oh, and that’s not all. Besides the bar, they also offer wood fired pizza and heated seats.

Is this New York City? London, England? Nope, less than an hour away in Sioux City.

While our city council is busy handing out beer licenses like candy to ax throwing venues, in Sioux City they feel there is NO harm in mixing old fashions with popcorn. Of course there is the fear someone might spill their drink into the popcorn. Oh my! What about the kids?!

The Sioux Falls City council has made a lot of ignoramus decisions in the past year, but denying a beer license to a discount movie theater is pretty high on that list.


#1 D@ily Spin on 11.30.18 at 8:01 am

Sioux City has been innovative in many ways. They have a brick and mortar events center while we have one from crushed beer cans.
Here’s an idea: Replace councilors with Alexa’s. The b****ing inside the round council chambers would be nuclear fission that could power the city.

#2 USD on 11.30.18 at 2:16 pm

It’s interesting because the eastside century was planning to add a bar and restaurant onto the side until the city went stupid.

#3 Taco Bar on 11.30.18 at 2:59 pm

But at least we are going to get some vinyl tacos….

#4 scott on 11.30.18 at 3:06 pm

great, a restaurant where an $8.00 burger will cost $17, to go along with the $6 soda’s and $14 beers.

#5 Jon on 11.30.18 at 4:26 pm

If Denny had an interest in the movie theatre, it wouldn’t even have gone to a vote. Rubber stamp.

#6 LJL on 11.30.18 at 5:48 pm

Just don’t bring your BB gun.

#7 Taco Bar on 11.30.18 at 9:17 pm

“Little Chicago” has always been more risqué than Syox Phalls. They probably allow casinos next to dance studios too.

But on an other note, why does everyone have to drink all the time? What’s wrong with just a Mr. Pibb and some Milk Duds, while you watch ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show?’

#8 Erica on 12.01.18 at 1:39 am

This city sure has an obsession with alcohol as seems like noone wants to do any entertainment if it can’t include booze. That even includes children’s birthday parties. Recently just announced the new alcohol store going to be built at 69th & Louse which is convienently located near where the new addicition center is going to be. Then the new downtown building with news articles bragging it was going to have something like 3 or 4 different bars!? Ridiculous.

Guess the hundredes of places to drink around here and buy booze are never enough.

#9 l3wis on 12.01.18 at 1:52 am

I would agree, building a liquor superstore next to an addiction center isn’t probably the wisest thing. I just think it is great that HyVee finally has some competition.

You are also right we don’t really need alcohol at movie theaters, but this isn’t some new concept, it has been done for decades all over the world, it’s not like we would be violating some moral code.

#10 Fluff McFluffin on 12.01.18 at 8:56 am

As I get older I think to myself, why would I want to drink while watching a movie? I can barely last halfway through Avengers sipping at a Coke let alone drinking a beer! I’d miss half the movie!

#11 Taco Bar on 12.01.18 at 12:36 pm

If this town could walk, it would stagger…(Kermit?)….

But the more we drink, the less time we have to think about our low wages……

#12 Erica on 12.01.18 at 12:50 pm

l3wis, Hyvee already has had competition; JJ’s for one- which recently opened their massive location off of 57th. Why does SuFu need a liqour store yet even bigger than that place only about 1.6 miles away? Why are there so many people in this city so dependent on booze to enjoy any activities?

#13 Taco Bar on 12.01.18 at 12:57 pm

Karl Marx once wrote that religion was “the opium of the people,” but today I believe it has been replaced completely by alcohol. A local brew pub has now become our local church. Where communion is the ceremony and not just a part of it. Perhaps, taxation exemption is now in order, too, but instead, it will just be called a TIF:

But then again……:

They have us, don’t they?!…….”Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow….”