Well this isn’t good . . . Firefighting foam in Sioux Falls drinking water

So while it is a good thing the wells were turned off, makes you wonder how long we were drinking this crap before they found it;

Important questions about today’s PFAS contamination remain unanswered. From the date PFAS entered a private well or municipal water system to the date it was detected and mitigated, what was the effect and on whom? How many airmen and women handled and used the foam for decades without proper protection? What was the effect and where are they now?

Lubbers and Stefanich balked at addressing those questions. Bak simply stated, “You can’t really speak to what was in the past.”

Reminds me of when I warned the city about this a few years ago, and I think they changed some of the chemical mixture. But I often advise people to NOT eat the vegetables you grow in an outside garden in Sioux Falls because it is covered with dangerous mosquito spray residuals. ever notice we don’t have as many bees and beneficial insects? That’s because the mosquito spraying is killing them.

There’s a lot of chemicals our government is feeding us, that they do NOT want us to know about. Yet all the conservatives want more deregulation when it comes to the EPA. Idiots.


#1 D@ily Spin on 11.09.18 at 9:29 am

In city eyes, we need a head on our drinking water like we get on beer.

#2 anonymous on 11.09.18 at 9:31 am

Reminds me of Flint, Michigan.

What is it we don’t know about the water we drink?

And, those who do know aren’t talking……

#3 Asbestos Taco on 11.09.18 at 6:24 pm

A rabid city foaming at the mouth…. (“What did you say about Rapid City?”)

#4 The Guy from Guernsey on 11.11.18 at 7:32 am

Although the investigation associated with this article is a natural extension of work to detail similar challenges closer-to-home at Ellsworth Air Base, notable is that a news organization in Rapid City wrote this piece about water in Sioux Falls.

#5 The Guy from Guernsey on 11.11.18 at 7:47 am

And some of these discoveries were during the reign of the Water Quality Mayor in Sioux Falls. Not a peep. Even as he lectured upstream neighbors on their practices.
Somebody needs to file this one away in that bulging folder of Oppo Research in the event the Huether ever re-gains enthusiasm to seek another elected office.

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