City Link Contracts Clarified

I shot off some questions this morning to city councilors about City Link contracts with some of their NON City employee on-air personalities. The Q & A Below with my thoughts, with answers from Jason Reisdorfer Director of Innovation & Technology with the City of Sioux Falls. I would like to thank Jason for getting back to me in a timely manner.

Q: I noticed the city will be paying Pinny Consulting (Michele Wellman) a FLAT fee of $10,000 a year for her assistance (I’m assuming) with the 25 minute, once a month, city link show ‘City Scene’.

I’m wondering if I can see a break down of her charges and how she came up with this ‘Flat Fee’ and what she all does for that, and how much time she spends per month on her services for the city.

A: This is incorrect, it’s not a FLAT $10,000 per year.   The contract MAXIMUM is $10,000.   Our agreement with Michelle is $50/hour, with a max of $500/month.   She rarely charges us more than $250/episode.  Year-to-date through 12/17, we’ve paid her $2750 for 11 episodes.

The Contract; pinnyPR

MY THOTS: While $50 per/hr is a pretty reasonable rate, I’m not quite sure she spends 5 hours a month on the episodes, when her last appearance on the show lasted a total of about 90 seconds.

Q: I’m also wondering if we have a similar contract with Madeline Shields who hosts the once a month, 25 minute show, Inside Townhall on city link, and what that contract looks like.

A: Madeline’s contract is a flat $200/episode.

MY THOTS: Madeline also does a pre-game with her guests usually over the phone, in an email and before the show. She also prepares questions for the show and moderates it.

Q: I’m also wondering what the contract looked like with Jolene Loetscher who was the last host of ‘City Scene’.

A: Jolene received a flat $500/month, which included pre-production meetings & other production services.

MY THOTS: I also believe Jolene did the full production of the show, because it seemed more polished to me than a normal City Link production.

Q: And since full time Staffers Colleen Moran and Reid Holsen also host shows on City Link, I’m wondering if they get an extra stipend for those duties?

A: Neither Reid, nor Colleen receive additional Stipends.  (Nor do any city employees that I’m aware of).  This would fit under the ‘other duties as assigned’ as part of their job descriptions.

MY THOTS: This final answer proves my point completely, with a very capable staff at City Link, why are we using OUTSIDE, Non-City employees to produce these shows (at an extra cost)? The on-air personality can be anyone, it could even be a voice over on the City Scene show and Council Operations Manager Jim David could easily host the Inside Town Hall show. This is publicly funded media, and needs be done in the most professional and fiscally responsible manner. Use city staff.



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#1 The Guy from Guernsey on 12.20.18 at 8:57 am

Crisp, direct and prompt reply to your queries. Big improvement over HisManMike(TM) and his minions.

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