UPDATE: More like 15 months w/o internal auditing

UPDATE: Just for clarification, what I posted here are the WORDS of the COMMITTEE members, they are NOT mine. Just watch the video. Also, in NO WAY do I hold the city internal audit employees accountable for what ‘hasn’t been being done’. They have had to deal with a lack of a leadership, and that’s on the committee, as they stated in the video.

I stand corrected about what I said at Public Input the other night at city council. I guess a city councilor said I misspoke the other night by saying we went 9 months w/o internal auditing, and they were right. After watching the audit meeting (Dec 3, 2018 meeting, BELOW, FF: 1:20:00) it will be more like 15 months before we have a fully functional audit department.

Committee member Dean Buckneberg asks, “When was the last time we had a fully staffed audit department?” Neitzert replies, “June (2018).” Dean replies, “It will be another 9 months before we are fully staffed.”

So it seems it is even longer than I originally thought.