What is Bille Sutton up to?

I got word this week about a special project some young Dem leaders are working on in SD;

In one post-election pitch, Sutton wrote that he wasn’t just building a campaign, but a movement that will “keep going and keep fighting for our shared priorities.” Sutton tells The Associated Press that he doesn’t have plans right now to run for anything else, but he says to expect to hear more from him in coming months.

All I have been told is that Billie is just one cog in the wheel and the project is pretty major. Sorry, I wish I had more.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.


#1 Taco Bar on 12.14.18 at 11:26 pm

Perhaps a PAC which pushes an anti-choice, pro-gun, and a pro-Christian agenda?….. (“But don’t we already have one of those and its called the ‘GOP?'”)

#2 Taco Bar on 12.14.18 at 11:50 pm

Maybe he is going to run with Beto!?….”Beto and Billie: It’s better than a built wall.”

#3 Jimmy on 12.18.18 at 9:25 pm

You know how you can tell Billy is going to be prominent person shaping SD in the future? The Press Release blog still has a raging hard on trying to downplay his relevance.