Sioux Falls City Council Informational (1/2/2019)

During public input (at the end) I remind the city council how stupid it was to create an internal audit committee and department after ONE person violated city charter (Mayor Munson, Phillips to the Falls cost overrun) and NO one pressed charges against him. I don’t know, wouldn’t it be setting an example by charging him with violating city charter and forcing him to resign instead of creating a department that never fixed the problem at hand? Corruption in the Mayor’s office.

I also touched on having a city ordinance that requires Directors and Managers of the city to live within the city, due to emergency situations. I expressed my dismay that SF was good enough to work for, and collect a paycheck from, but not good enough to live in.

And lastly I discussed how the 5G lease agreements could help pay for Metro 911. I think that went straight over their heads.


#1 MK on 01.04.19 at 1:38 pm

At a minimum, appointed directors should be required to be residents.

As far as the mid-managers, maybe restrict that to only those with emergency response or on-call duties.

#2 anonymous on 01.04.19 at 2:47 pm

Director of Siouxland Libraries, Jodi Fick, not only does not live in Sioux Falls, she does not live in the state of South Dakota.

And, BTW, she made $116,854.40 in 2018 and that was her salary only excluding benefits.