UPDATE: Taylor respects the 1st when it is convenient for ‘HER’

Isn’t hypocrisy a funny creature? While I agree that the Municipal League’s chief lobbyist and director should not have been banned due to her FREE speech, she seems to forget the little people;

Taylor’s lawsuit accuses Haugaard, who is a lawyer, of violating her First Amendment right to free speech and First Amendment retaliation.

This is the same person who has fought, HARD, for years to squash the FREE SPEECH rights of the very people who pay her wages, fund local government, and have a 1st amendment right to express their feelings about ANYTHING. But apparently her ‘OPINION’ rises above the rest of us. Hate to break you the news, but if you want those rights, you need to stop kicking the rest of us in the groin for having the same right.

How does it feel? Hope it hurts.

UPDATE: And in some weird twist of fate, they are using language from Cameraman Bruce’s suit against Huether in this 1st Amendment case.


#1 Curt on 01.22.19 at 11:52 pm

I believe that’s a mistake. Disagree with Yvonne when you think she’s wrong on policy, but thank her (and SDML) for bringing this case.

#2 l3wis on 01.23.19 at 9:18 am

Curt, did you read the first sentence of my post? I agree she has the right to bring the case, as would any of us. I just think it is hypocritical of her to scream ‘1st Amendment’ as a lobbyist, while she tries to chip away at citizens public input rights.

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