Wednesday Tidbits; New Planning Director, Taxes, Drones & Ice Cream

PLANNING on . . . .?

So there has been some talk about who will replace Mike Cooper? First off, the rumor going around city officials is he was asked to retire a year before he planned on. I guess the only person to know would be Mike, oh and Erica, Paul and maybe TJ.

People are telling me that my prediction of Erica Beck being the new planning director is a little off and that she is perfectly happy being COS. And why not? She pretty much is running the city while the Deputy T.J. TypeOver is doing all of the Mayor’s dirty work.

An unusual name came up though, Jeff Schmidt, who suddenly disappeared after the joint jurisdiction debacle. The rumor going around is that he is preparing to take the reins. Talking to other city officials and councilors I get the same, “It’s a possibility.” But when I ask councilors if he could get confirmed, there seems to be some doubt.

I guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully he will get a new office without urine stained walls.


Last night councilor Stehly with the support of councilors Brekke and Starr tried to defer repealing the drone ordinance, TWICE, and were shot down. Ultimately the entire council did repeal it (Soehl was AWOL). So why the deferral? Stehly said she attempted to contact the FAA but was unsuccessful because a majority of the agency is furloughed. She wanted them to testify or at least provide some information about who will be responsible for enforcing the Federal regulations, and thought it was a good idea to defer it a couple of weeks so we can hear from them. She was pretty much told by council chair Erickson that she should have done the research in advance. Other councilors just assumed with the city attorney that the SFPD would have to enforce the regs, but really no one knew.

And they wondered why Stehly wanted a deferral? They must have had axe throwing on their minds.


Last night when the topic of the property tax reduction came up, councilor Neitzert got very irate and said that the applicants met the criteria they were supposed to and that is why they got the reductions.


While I have NO doubt that is true (well, I do have some doubts), this isn’t about the applicants, this is about who granted the tax reductions, and it certainly wasn’t done with the blessing of the council. More to come on this.


I guess the only one to bid on taking over the Falls Overlook Cafe was Stensland Dairy. That was easy.


#1 D@ily Spin on 01.17.19 at 4:11 am

Aren’t these things evident? Cooper was retired because bumpouts and riverside homeless havens weren’t practical and cost millions. Paternalism or a political favor will decide the next planning fruitcake. The city can talk about drones but can’t enforce anything without a court order. Courts dismiss unconstitutional city cases. Property tax reductions are county function. They collect taxes and ignore city loudmouth personal business favoritism. Since inception, Falls Cafe has never had a sound business plan. Ice cream doesn’t sell in winter. Anyone offering to take over this turkey, go for it.

#2 l3wis on 01.17.19 at 9:34 am

The place could make money. My idea would be to do your hot dogs and ice cream for lunch and use it as a Dinner Club at night. Dinner clubs in the SW are extremely popular and an easy money maker. You know exactly how many people are coming, and they pre-pay, and you hire guest chefs. You could do dinner club there 2 nights a week and still make a killing.