It has been rumored that Chellee Unruh will take over as the new Community Development/Housing Manager for the City of Sioux Falls (the previous director is retiring). This has been confirmed to me by several city councilors. She supposed to start at the beginning of March.

Chellee currently works for SE Tech as Foundation Director.

I have long had an issue with city directors NOT living (and paying property taxes) in Sioux Falls. I get it, some are more important than others when it comes to those priorities. Like our Library Director being a Minnesota resident. Does it matter? How about our Fire Chief? He lives in Canton.

How about our housing director? Unruh currently lives in Tea. Tea is considered the fastest growing small town in South Dakota, far exceeding other small towns in the region. So why would the city of Sioux Falls hire someone to help solve our affordable housing issues in Sioux Falls who doesn’t even reside here?

That’s the least of our worries. If Unruh is actually confirmed and takes the job with the city (I’m starting to wonder if this is some kind of joke) her residence is one thing, but if elected to the Tea city council, she could be presenting a HUGE conflict of interest, not just for Sioux Falls but for Tea. So who do you work for Chellee? According to her FB campaign page;

I will focus in the areas of economic development and funding, and protecting the safety of our families.

Isn’t that the job the City of Sioux Falls is hiring you for? While I encourage people to run for office, especially local races, I also encourage people to be very careful about conflicts and ethics. No doubt that Unruh has many talents and probably will make a good city director. But these circumstances are highly questionable.

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9 thoughts on “City of Sioux Falls NEW Housing Director NOT only lives in Tea, she wants to be on their city council”
  1. Obviously, Tea will be where to live for affordable housing. Sioux Falls only welcomes wealthy snobs. They are busy leveling neighborhoods where we could afford to live. It helps to have someone on the Tea council. Tea and Canton are all American communities. We have somewhere to go to escape Sioux Falls oligarchy.

  2. . . . coming from the anonymous commenter that is too ignorant to understand conflicts of interest or ethics. Go back to reading Positively Keloland.

    VSG, her maiden name is Nemec and I don’t think her husband’s family is a part of the Anti-Choice Unruh crowd.

  3. I agree with your previous posts that the appointed officials should live in the city limits.

    They receive higher salaries than the average resident of Sioux Falls and we’re paid back by their taxes and primary spending most likely going to another community. Wow, that really shows how much they care about Sioux Falls.

    I’m sure she has a really good answer like “Tea is a great place to raise a family.”

    If a residency requirement won’t be put in place, maybe they should pay a fee/penalty for living outside the city instead.

  4. That’s exactly what Fire Chief Goodroad said when asked by a couple of city councilors why he lives in Canton. If the CRC had any balls they would put it on the 2020 ballot that says management/directors need to be city residents (and allow the already existing ones to be grandfathered in).

  5. This seems to be a no brainer, in order to run for Council you need to be a Sioux Falls resident period!!!! That would be like letting someone for Hills Minnesota run for Governor or Senate. I believe we have rules in the state that you have to be a resident for 2 years before running.

  6. I absolutely see the conflicts of interest and right chellee husband is not related at all to the anti choice unruh

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