Noem watches Bill Maher?!

I had to chuckle when Noem was on FOX and friends defending the ‘Fly Over’ states. I was actually surprised that she watches Bill. I’m a huge fan of the show and have been for years, I watched the episode where he talked about the red states, he was dead on. South Dakota not only has the lowest paid teachers in the nation, we have some of the lowest paid professionals in the nation. Noem argues that South Dakota has some of the highest number of people who serve in the country. Besides patriotism and family involvement, one of the reasons many serve in the military in SD is to get money for college since most families can’t afford to send their children to college right out of High School. Let’s face it, poor people tend to be less educated, this isn’t a dig on poor people, it is just a commonly known fact. Our low wages in the state (70% of South Dakotans make under $40,000 a year) contribute to less people getting a higher education or even better job training. Noem may be right to defend the hard work of South Dakotans, but she best take a long hard look in the mirror when it comes to how educated we are, because according to her and her ilk, education just leads to socialism and homosexuality.


#1 The Un-Affiliated Progressive on 02.26.19 at 10:54 am

South Dakota Army & Air National Guard. Served many moons ago and yes for many including myself a big reason was to get college paid for and those one weekend a month drill and annual training checks really do help. When we live in a right to work for slave wages state it is a popular option. Oh wait! Could the Guard be part of socialism? Should it be privatized?

#2 matt johnson on 02.26.19 at 5:16 pm

maybe when your indentured servitude is over you could move to one of those places that does things the way you want it done; I am not aware of anyone with a hook in their a** who is forced to stay here and suffer all of the indignities we see reported on your blog everyday; obviously the majority are uneducated schmucks too stupid to change things here;

#3 LJL on 02.26.19 at 7:36 pm

If AOC isn’t the best case steady in the uselessness of a college education, I don’t know who would be. Some awfully stupid folks with degrees these days..

I hire vets every time I can.

You make under 40K Scott, do you blame the state or yourself? Why didn’t you get a better paying education?

#4 l3wis on 02.26.19 at 8:31 pm

I hover around that $40K place, but I have so many other endeavors besides my full time job, all I ever look at is my income after taxes. But you also have to remember, I have no dependents and my mortgage is about half of what I would pay for an apartment the size of my house. I’m thrifty. I did want to pursue college (I do have a 2 year associate communications degree from SE Tech) but nobody in my family could afford to co-sign a loan for me for college, and I wouldn’t join the military because they just teach people how to be racist (that’s sarcasm folks). I do regret I didn’t go to college, I would love to have majored in Sociology and minored in art history or vice versa. My grandparents told me years later they would have paid for my college if I would have asked. I’m a little bitter about that. But my story is similar to many other South Dakotans who want a higher education but can’t afford it. Noem’s blubbering is pathetic.

#5 Erica on 02.27.19 at 12:06 am


As a veteran myself and married to a retired vet who had a hard time finding employment when we moved back here ($40k job lol yeah right, even with Bachelors and 20yrs service…good luck if) , thank you for giving veterans a chance when you can. When we moved back to the area was surprised to learn how difficult other veterans aloso had been having in the job/career search especially when SD is always touted as the place for military to retire to.

As far as Bill Maher, he is a creep and hope he keeps him and his red shoes out of SD.

#6 LJL on 02.27.19 at 12:30 pm

I appreciate your candor. It’s much easier to take student loans these days and if you look at the increase college tuition forgiveness program, the government is already paying for college for many.

Erica, If your Mr. sticks with his job and he’s good at it and he has a good employer, his pay will rise…I have a tough time keeping people but those you prove themselves are rewarded.

#7 "Very Stable Genius" on 02.27.19 at 4:34 pm

Problem solved: Get yourself elected governor, then hire unemployed or underpaid relatives for $50,000+ a year.

The Repubican ethic or mentality: “If I can make it, then so can you.”