Local Media websites incredibly frustrating and dysfunctional

I can’t hold it in anymore, the two news sites (that have obviously borrowed their website format from the super media sh*t piles that own them) are horrible. Beyond horrible.

As a person who hasn’t had a functioning TV in almost ten years, I depend on my large monitor and the internet to get everything I need. I actually think by only depending on the internet, I’m more informed. You can really weed thru the BS faster while surfing the net.

So now it comes to our local media. Ironically the best local media website, KDLT doesn’t have as many followers, but somehow have figured out simplicity works, they need to pass that knowledge on.

First with our only local daily. It shocks me that a media company that wants to get rid of their dead tree version and promote digital subscriptions has a website that has so many ads and videos going on that if you dare take a deep breath while viewing it you are back to the home page in a second. So which is it? Do you want to charge for your content or have paid advertisers pay for that content? You seem to want to have both which is a gigantic polished turd. I don’t know how many times I have to refresh, go back to where I thought I was in the story only to be interrupted with an ad, a video about cats, or some other distraction. Please, fire your web developers, they are failing you hugely. I just want to read your stories in peace without Morgan Freeman telling me I need a credit card.

Let’s move on to Stormland-TV. Why is every single video interrupted with an ad at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of your ‘tell me nothing’ 30 second news story? And why is every news story on mute, so I have to start over to hear only to be interrupted by another ad about corn farmers? And what’s up with the volume levels that fluctuate between an AC/DC concert and a kitten purring?

Trust me, it isn’t my ‘device’ these things happen on my phone, laptop, tablet, MAC and PC, at least they are consistent in their dysfunction.

Some would say, ‘Just give up’ but I like to stay apprised with what is going on in the community, I literally am forced to go thru these hoops just to get a tidbit of news and trust me #2 TV station is not much better.

While this blog may not have all the bells and whistles these circus clowns have incorporated, at least you can come here and read the stories without having to build a barrier around your mouse in case you accidentally hit the volume control or click on a floating ad.

The MSM might wonder why they are losing readers, please, take a look in the mirror.


#1 D@ily Spin on 04.17.19 at 12:11 pm

Clicking on any part of a Cornland TV website is like answering a phone call from an offshore area code. It’s a sucker circumstance. It’s becoming better to get news from blogs and podcasts. One good internet spot with local news, classifieds, obits, and opinion could become a resource to replace TV and the Argus.

#2 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.17.19 at 4:56 pm

I want the old KELO website back, where it was very easy to find past stories and videos going back to 2001.

Apparently, some of us became to good at documenting our comments, and thus some were probably not to happy with that reality, huh?

And the Argus, well, to begin with, I live on a corner and the other day, it was delivered to the middle of my intersection out in front of my home. The wind might have had something to do with that, but if it was heavier on the news (Monday issue) maybe that would not be as much of a problem….. And as far as all of its advertisements, well, I think the Shopping News should be concerned, because it has a new competitor called the Advertiser-Leader… And that website, oh my goodness, I think Russians might be messing with it with the help of some North Koreans….


#3 LJL on 04.17.19 at 8:06 pm

Do you not understand how advertising pays for media?

Don’t you work for an advertising dependent industry?

You don’t pay for Stormland through a subscription but your pissed you have to view the advertising which makes it possible for Stormland to stay in business?

Is this a comedy bit or are you really this dense?

#4 l3wis on 04.17.19 at 9:15 pm

LOL. No LJL, I have no idea ‘how it works’.

Sometimes you make some incredibly dipsh*t statements, which is fine, because it reminds me you and I are not perfect.

My complaint isn’t with the online advertising, it’s with how it interrupts the the content. If I want to watch an ad or go to a website, I will click on those things myself. Also, the way ads work on Stormland have nothing to do with how their videos are always on mute and when you do get around to turning them up it switches you back to an ad that has a volume level 10x higher then the story’s level. Like I said, it’s not about the advertising it’s about how they format it in their videos. Dumbass.