How will the Sioux Falls School District pay for staffing of the new schools?

And I’m not just talking about teachers. You also have support staff, administrators, janitors, resource officers, etc. There is also utilities and maintenance.

This question came up during the campaign for the bond election. The administration blew it off and pretty much said they will figure it out later and the state gives money for each student. This of course doesn’t solve the problem.

So where will the money come from? My guess is that the SFSD will ask for ANOTHER opt out to fund the operations and staff. They really have NO CHOICE. We saw it with the shortfall this year.

So why wasn’t this clarified during the bond election campaign? I think I answered that question. They didn’t want to scare the taxpayers anymore. What most people don’t realize is that the $300 million dollar debt is only for brick and mortar. Not only is it ONLY for that, it is ONLY for the finished product. Moving forward we are responsible to maintain it out of NEW funds.

The SFSD is fleecing it’s residents. As brought up in the current school board debate our levees may be lower than surrounding communities, but our property values are extremely inflated, especially in Lincoln County.

It will be interesting to see how these new schools will be funded, because it won’t be from hopes and prayers.


#1 scott on 05.17.19 at 8:13 pm

aren’t school taxes only supposed to go up $2 a month? i’m sure that will cover it.

#2 Matthew Paulson on 05.17.19 at 9:15 pm

Has it occurred to you that when there are fewer students at the other high schools they will need fewer staff there?

#3 "Very Stable Genius" on 05.17.19 at 9:56 pm

$2 a month, that’s the best deal since “Pizza for a Buck:”

But on a more serious note, why do we have our two career/technical high schools while we are talking of cutting art, music, and gym across the board?

In fact, why did we get these c/t high school structures to begin with, when we knew we were going to need a fourth high school down the road; a fourth high school I might add, which needed a bond to fund it, while the c/t schools were just snucked into the budget in time and place. Maybe that money should have been first snucked into a savings account for the inevitable fourth high school, huh? Especailly, now that we are talking about cutting art, music, and gym, and raising taxes.

The fact that technical education gets a “Yes,” while art, music, and gym a “No,” is proof of how our educational system is being hijacked by the “Workforce Development” crowd at the expense of our students as individuals who should be educated in a well rounded manner and not merely in a channeled vocational manner.

I believe it was John Adams, who wrote to his dear Abigail once, speaking of how he studied politics and war so that their children could one day study the finer things in life like the arts. I am afraid such virtues today, however, have been lost; but with the absence of a Adams High School – yet a Jefferson one – within our realm, I am sure Adams would actually not be surprised of this unfortunate reality or outcome.

#4 matt johnson on 05.19.19 at 5:58 pm

MP we may well need fewer underpaid teachers at each school but will have a full staff- probably a principal and at least two assistant principals, counselors social workers, band directors and other music directors, custodians, and on and on at the new high school and like wise at middle school

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