Remembering Professor Mike Myers on Memorial Day

Of all the interesting politicians I have met over the past 15 years, Mike was one of the most memorable. Tenacious as all get out. I often was amused of the way the political establishment (he was a registered Independent his entire life) and the media treated him as a gadfly. As a candidate for governor, he was the most qualified person to ever run for the position. A former journalist, CEO of Mayo and USD Law Professor, people often ignored his resume. But it was Mike’s personality that made him a winner.

In this video, campus police at USD tried to tell him he was trespassing in the law center. He was sent a letter from the University basically telling him he was not welcome, something they call ‘Persona Non Grata’ which is a fancy legal term that doesn’t mean a pile of beans. This is why we asked for the court order that they could not produce. We will miss you Mike, you will not be forgotten.


#1 Tara Volesky on 05.24.19 at 1:07 pm

I have never seen two parties so disrespectful and demeaning of a man with impeccable integrity and intelligence. The people of SD had their chance to make SD great again by voting for Mike Myers. All politicians combined can’t hold a candle to Professor Myers.

#2 peter Pischke on 05.24.19 at 2:47 pm

I don’t know Myers, but the name sounds familiar.

Can you clue some more of us in Scott?