Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, May 21, 2019

City Council Informational Meeting, 4 PM

DTSF presentation with other non-profit orgs.

Agreement with Midco and Vast broadband open video (there were no attached docs, so I’m not even sure what this is about. It is coming out of the Innovation Department). But it seems it has to do with providing city videos with subscribers. This is a total waste of money for many reasons. As I have stated before, you can watch city videos in YouTube for free without subscribing AND it’s FREE to the city to post there. To spend a buttload of money to create a subscriber video program NOT only goes against fiscal responsibility, it goes against open, transparent and FREE government. It also creates a BIG BROTHER system of monitoring the subscribers. In simple terms, It’s creepy, expensive and overstepping. It will be interesting to hear the arguments for this proposal. There is also several expenditures in the approval of contracts in the regular meeting.

City Council Regular Meeting, 7 PM

Item#6, Approval of Contracts/Agreements

Legal services for Open Video, $25K

Legal services for new IT department in the City Center, $15K. It amazes me that the city’s own legal counsel cannot figure this out. They are truly turning into a purchasing department and NOT a legal department.

Washington Pavilion asking for building improvements of $1.1 million. While some of the stuff is probably needed, I’m wondering about a almost $500K retaining wall. As I have mentioned in the past there are rumors that there have been issues with the structural soundness of the Northeast portion of the building, and one wonders if this has to do with an expensive retaining wall?

Item #42, Resolution, Orpheum contract with the Pavilion. I find this line in the contract questionable;

WHEREAS, this agreement also serves as a memorandum of understanding of a long-term relationship between the City and Management Company by standards appropriate of an accredited institution of the American Association of Museums; and

As I understand it the Pavilion has been putting off their recertification with the AAM. I wonder if the city has looked into this?

Item #44, Resolution, Sioux Empire Leadership Council participation. I’m still puzzled about this organization and why the private healthcare monster-plexs are involved? If this is about workforce development as part of the mission, how is having wage-colluding institutions like this involved going to help?

Item #46, Resolution, instituting the city’s official legal notice newspaper. I think with such low subscription numbers (15,300 weekday & 36,606 Sundays) how on earth does this even make sense? I know by state law they have to publish in a subscribed paper, in other words NO other publication would work like ETC., Motor Weekly or Shopping News. But if you are NOT reaching the public, what’s the point? I have suggested that ONLINE should be bare minimum and a printed published bound piece at all of the public libraries should be good enough for those without the internets. Enough of wasting money on 4 pt type and 1″ square maps in a paper no one reads. Wake up state legislature change the law.

Item#47, Resolution, Appointment to citizen boards

Most of the time, this is NOT controversial. The mayor gets to pick friends or friends of friends. But there is some curious appointments this time around, lets review;

Charter Revision Commission;

For reference, the CRC is responsible for allowing citizens to vote on revisions to the charter. These revisions are often brought by the city’s attorneys office, the administration, city councilors and citizens. Most of time they are very cautious about what they allow. Usually mundane legal language cleanup. In fact the last commission didn’t allow anything. Chief apologizer, Justin Smith (who is getting reappointed) felt that if something got on the ballot, citizens would tend to pass it. Oh My, the pitfalls of direct democracy! What an elitist brat!

It is NOT the concern of the CRC as to whether something will pass, there concern should be whether something is legal to be put on the ballot. Fascism is a form of government, but not Sioux Falls form of government. He should not be reappointed.

Anne Hajek, former city councilor, county commissioner and legislator will also be appointed. I spoke with Anne about this morning and she is excited about the appointment. I asked her if she would be willing to have stuff put on the ballot, and she said yes based on it’s merits.

But just when you thought it couldn’t get even worse, the past president of ultra-conservative x-tian college, Mr. Zylstra gets appointed to the commission. If the fascist lawyers won’t stop you, the right-wingnut pastors will. At least the meetings will be entertaining. I wonder if they will serve communion?

Let’s move on to the Planning Commission;

Erik Nyberg is attorney in Real Estate law with Cutler Law firm. The same firm’s whose owner, Kent Cutler has properties that have been being busted for illegal massage, illegal workers and illegal immigrants. Erik also serves on the Events Center Campus Book Club. There is no evidence that Erik is investing with his partner, but I find it a little curious that he works with a person that has a track record of allowing illegal immigrants to work in his rentals.

Items 48-50, Council Leadership Election. As I said last week at the council meeting, anyone who voted for the downtown parking ramp should not be allowed in leadership. This should be another dog and pony show. Wonder if the city will allow the rubber stampers to speak?


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#1 Warren Phear on 05.19.19 at 9:26 am

Speaking of the argus. Sunday only LTE’s. Today? Two. Takes up about one fifth of the single page dedicated to opinion. Meanwhile…Avera alone has 4 full page ads. This paper 2/3rd ads. They do not have a long time left.

#2 D@ily Spin on 05.19.19 at 3:24 pm

Another zero sum meeting. Ho Hum

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