Sioux Falls’ Greatest artist has died

So many things I could say about Carl Grupp. He passed away today. I met him when one of my friends was going to Augie for art and I was so amazed by not just his versatile talent, but his stories and infectious sense of humor. I have always said when it came to Sioux Falls artists, there was Carl and then the rest. He embodied being an artist, there are not too many of those people around these days anymore.

I always laughed about this quote Carl gave to the Argus after one of my paintings were vandalized at NitWits;

“A lot of (Ehrisman’s) art is protest art to begin with. It’s weird that they would protest the protest,” Grupp said.

Somehow, I think there was a joke in there.

We will miss you Carl!

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#1 Scott D Hudson on 05.28.19 at 10:17 pm

Oh no this is terrible news. Loved that man. I never wanted to bother him when I’d see him at Black Sheep but he’d quite often ask me to sit with him and his friends and he’d pepper me with questions about music. Inevitably we’d share Bob Dylan tidbits but he’d also occasionally ask about some more recent artists.

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