Sioux Falls School Board Elect Baker has serious conflicts

Of course I pointed this out when she was co-chair of the New School Bond Task Force and people told me she had nothing to do with it. Well if you read her conflict form, it tells a different story (DOC: Baker-Conflict)

Bob Baker (Husband), First National Bank of SF, Employee, Shareholder, Director & officer

SFSD deposits and new school bonds.

As I mentioned during the task force meetings the bonds would have to go through First National and I wonder what kind of commission was gleamed on a $190 million dollar bond. But hey, no conflicts there. I also wondered what kind of contracts the school has with SDN, the employer of the Task Force Chair, Mr. Tea Time Vernon Brown.

Baker also lists she is a ‘Community Director’. I did a little digging around, and apparently she heads up a youth group called ‘Youth Roots’ since April 1st. Whatever that is.

I still think the results are a little skewed. While I had no doubt that Nan and Carly would win, I had Nan in 1st place with a sliding vote count going to Carly, Lora and Sarah. It’s a little odd that Nan and Carly got the EXACT same percentage and Sarah and Lora got almost identical to. I also find it a little odd that there was over 700 undervotes but in the bond election there was ONLY 2 (I think, can’t find supporting docs anymore), in 2018 school board election there was 0, in 2017 there was 25 and in 2016 there was 0, in 2015 there was 0.

If you think the SFSD is running their elections above board, I beg to differ.


#1 scott on 05.24.19 at 4:27 pm

they can’t just list their occupation as housewife can they?

#2 l3wis on 05.24.19 at 4:33 pm

scott, didn’t you know that term is now considered ‘sexist’. Get with the #me2 movement already 🙂 Manager of the Household now lists their charitable hobbies as actual jobs, it’s new thing.

Speaking of words we don’t use anymore, if you watch the housing summit, one of the panelists calls one of his failed efforts ‘Retarded’. You could almost hear Chellac gasp when he said it. While using the ‘R’ word is not productive, I’m still trying to remember if you could actually call low income housing ‘retarded’?

#3 matt johnson on 05.24.19 at 5:29 pm

to clarify, the bank as trustee does not sell the bonds and thus does not gleam (sic) any commissions on the sale thereof; the bank, as trustee, will receive fees for investing the funds, making construction payments, and paying the bond holders interest and principal over time; the bond indenture would require a trustee- no conflict exists until Mrs. Baker makes a future decision about First National Bank’s services for the district; and no I did not vote for her

#4 Now, an "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 05.24.19 at 6:32 pm

As far as the election is concerned, it’s called “new math.”

When it comes to the “R” word, well, my mom says I am special….That sounds better….

Oh, and did someone say something about “Tea Time?”

#5 l3wis on 05.24.19 at 8:32 pm

MJ, there’s always an ‘out’ isn’t there?

#6 matt johnson on 05.25.19 at 6:33 am

I don’t know what you mean by ‘out’- you had the facts wrong and no conflict has occurred to date- why do you not like this lady

#7 l3wis on 05.25.19 at 8:18 am

Okay, I’m just going to say it, DO YOU THINK I AM FK’ING STUPID?! You just spelled out the conflict in your comment. Sure I was WRONG about the commission, but you explained (rather nicely) that her husband is in fact making a buck from his bank’s relationship with the SFSD. That is a conflict. WHY!? Because she is married to him. While she may NOT run the day to day operation of the bank, it doesn’t matter, she is HIS spouse. Now if she were to get a divorce, and separate her finances from his, then the conflict would end. But as long as that ring is on her finger, the conflict exists. It has NOTHING to do with whether I think she is a nice lady or not (I hear she is) it has to do with facts, something she wrote down on that piece of paper.

#8 Now, an "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 05.25.19 at 12:46 pm

They can always use the “GEARUP excuse,” and say that because we are a small state with a limited number of people qualified for somethings, that they are bound to give the appearance of conflict, when it is actually asking the only qualified and or available person, or people, to do a specific job, study, or evaluation….. It’s like Sam Drucker, wasn’t he the postmaster, the store owner, and the mayor of Hooterville?……..#GreenAcresPolitics

#9 matt johnson on 05.25.19 at 2:27 pm

she did not vote, as a member of the school board, to have the bank named as trustee; if she recuses herself from any vote to use the bank’s services she does not have a conflict; the school district needs to have a trustee service the bond issue; this bank has been providing like services for at least the past 4 decades; they must be doing so on a competitive basis or they would not get the business; perhaps they should have an out of town trustee (so you could bitch about not keeping the business local)

#10 l3wis on 05.25.19 at 5:09 pm

I think it is great we are using a local bank. I also like Nan’s husband, super nice guy. Not the point. There will be a consistent conflict. Why is it that continually fill these boards and commissions with rich people that need a hobby instead working class Joes and Janes with NO conflicts.

#11 scott on 05.25.19 at 9:10 pm

these boards and commissions are filled with the rich, because the rich won’t give the working class janes and joes the time off to do it. too much work to do, you know.

#12 Trump's hair on 05.26.19 at 1:51 pm

“Boards and commissions” are the past times of the elite. Often they are paid to work for a board for a fee that is greater than the average yearly income of the “janes and joes” amongst them……(“I wonder what the poor are doing right now?”….)

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