After the fact

Oh, Paul, who you fooling? The mayor’s office, directors and council leadership have been meeting for months sculpting the 2020 budget. Were there some crumbs left over that you want to share with the public? The truth is the budget should really be planned by the council, it’s kind of in the charter. And they should be planning that budget with the help of public input and public meetings or online comments thru the city website.

So when is Paul going to break the news to the public that this is just a nice gesture after the fact? It reminds me of a friend I go out to eat with frequently who always asks the server to make a suggestion and usually orders something completely opposite. He usually says something like, “Thanks, but I was kinda in the mood for pasta.” I hope the citizens are only asking for ramen noodles.


#1 Bigtime Seney Island Advocate on 06.06.19 at 10:43 pm

I think we should spend some money on ties and some dress shoes. What does everyone else think?….. Oh, and Seney Island reclamation, too….. And on Wednesdays, if my dryer ever breaks, is it okay if I string my laundry across the Arcs?

#2 The Public on 06.07.19 at 2:35 pm

It’s a little LATE paul.

Don’t you just love it when politicians think they’re smarter than the public!!??***

For anyone who watches the annual budget process, you know most of budget has already been set for 2020.

Should have been asking the taxpayers for their input weeks ago paul, you know……back when Stehly repeatedly requested input…..

#3 Head Fundraiser for the Trump Presidential Lib. & Mus. on 06.07.19 at 2:56 pm

Maybe we should buy some streetcleaners. Whatever happen to the fleet we once owned? Did we sell them all at a surplus auction?….#DirtyPolitics

#4 Vinyl Farm on 06.07.19 at 3:25 pm

How about we buy some new siding for the EC. Purchase some indoor pool passes for poor kids. Cut the ugly tall grass on the bike trail… Oh, and maybe we could hold a kegger for the Van Eps Park people at Van Eps, too. We could call the kegger: “Come on home….Welcome back!”

#5 Fleet Taco on 06.07.19 at 3:51 pm

Maybe we could buy a bunch of spray cans, and then invite young people to graffiti the heck out of the bunker ramp. Rapid has an alley like that, but lets be bold and not hide it. It could become a “Democracy Wall,” too.

#6 Blasphemo on 06.08.19 at 10:24 am

PTH’s 6/4/19 FB post also makes it sound like his is the first administration to think of using inmate labor. As with this “budget input” offer, our internet marketing maven mayor loves to spin the WHOLE story to fit the marketing of his term in office. “Marketing is one of the premier components of business management.” Here we go again . . . running the city like a business.

#7 l3wis on 06.08.19 at 10:40 am

First off, Theresa has been hammering at this idea before she got on the city council. She has had multiple meetings with DOC staff.

But even if this was PTH’s ‘idea’ it’s been done before. City employees used to work with inmates in the parks, but I think there was an issue with DOC staff being able to monitor them so city employees became babysitters which is NOT their job.

I am all for it, but the DOC would have to provide staff for monitoring.