City of Sioux Falls FB videos NOW available on our YouTube channel

You will notice in our video area to the right that we have started to upload FB videos into our YouTube Channel. So now if you can’t access FB or just don’t like going there, you will have access to those videos on our YT channel. Thanks to Cameraman Bruce!


#1 D@ily Spin on 06.10.19 at 10:23 pm

I don’t like being reminded of the poor leadership in town. Citizens have no control. These are the leaders developers paid for. It’s hard to witness the foolish spending. The corruption is obvious. It’s best to not pay attention. It’s kinda like porn. It’s out there but you want to not give the actors any attention.

#2 "Mancaver" on 06.11.19 at 1:16 am

I especially like the video, where PTH is speaking from his garage. or I believe he called it his “Mancave.” I believe on election day 2018 he spoke from his basement family room. So eventually, his videos will give us an entire view of his home, then most likely he’ll put it up for sale, his house that is, at taxpayer’s expense.

As I watched him from his “Mancave,” I wondered what he was sitting on. It was probably a five gallon pail, don’t you think? I mean, if I was going to address the citizens of our find town from my garage, I know I’d sit on a five gallon pail to do it, wouldn’t you?

I found it intriguing, too, when he said, that he does a lot of thinking out in his garage. Oh, I am sorry, I mean his “Mancave.” Which caused me to wonder what he thinks about out there. Maybe its things like: “Why does Beck make more than me?”…..”What will happen to TJ after I leave politics someday?”….”When I do leave politics someday, will KELO have a gig for me (“Hey, maybe as a weatherman, too….COOL!”)”…..”Do I have to finish the bunker ramp project and the railroad yard development area, or can I get re-elected just on my good looks?”….”How confident are we, that Ravnsborg will never release the Verizon subponea results?”…..”What if there really is a ‘Dutch Mafia,’ will they be really mad at me?”….”Why do people laugh at my suits with sneakers?… I don’t laugh at their low wages and their ten year old cars.”

Oh, and did you also notice he never panned the “Mancave,” because he probably doesn’t want us to see the Russians on the other side botting for Rounds, or the half naked picture of Maria Butina hanging above them, nor the newly restored “‘Rainbow’ Bar” neon light hanging in his garage, too, I mean “Mancave.”

But all in all, I guess it’s okay for a mayor to report from his garage just so long as he doesn’t start interviewing the fish or the steer skull that he has hanging behind him in his garage, I mean “Mancave”…..Because you know, towards the end, Nixon started talking to the White House portraits….It’s always a sign…

#3 Is he all alone? on 06.11.19 at 12:09 pm

Great to know by hiding in a mancave or a garage PTH doesn’t allow the public to ask him any questions