Should the Sioux Falls Bike trail be 24/7-365?

At the last Neighborhood Summit the previous mayor held (PTH has not held one yet) Mayoral candidate David Zokaites suggested that the bike trail be 24/7 and not close at 10 PM since it actually a commuter trail for many cyclists and NOT just recreational. The pushback from the city is they may not be able to parole it at night. Even with proper lighting on your bicycle it could still be dangerous to ride at night. I have suggested installing solar lighting in the darker areas to accommodate that. I know that the cycling community is starting to discuss this idea. I fully support making our bike trail 24/7 and many communities across the country have done it.

What do you think?


#1 LJL on 06.28.19 at 9:35 pm

We’ve ridden it in the dark. Not easy and mildly dangerous if you dont have headlights. I see no reason to not have ride at your own risk after dark policy.

#2 Biden/Harris (Well, it was a good idea...) on 06.28.19 at 11:13 pm

But couldn’t night lighting negatively impact mountain lion migration?

#3 Fluff McFluffin on 06.30.19 at 5:57 pm

YES! This is something that is easily accomplished and your solar lighting idea would be quite simple to accomplish. Our bike trail is an incredible asset that should continue to be developed and improved. Maybe put the 1.5 mill into that instead of the State Theater.

#4 Erica on 07.04.19 at 1:57 am

Yes!! I take very late night walks around town and would love to have access to the trails for some of those walks.

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