Surveillance is everywhere, but not to keep ‘us’ safe

Isn’t funny how government puts this stuff up to protect themselves from us;

“There are an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras now deployed in the United States shooting 4 billion hours of footage a week,” reported Popular Mechanics 10 years ago. Five years later,according to The New York Times, “there were 245 million professionally installed surveillance cameras around the world.” Today, five years later, they’re talking about 30,000 spy cameras in the city of Chicago alone.

The Cameras Everywhere craze came to full bloom after September 11, when fear of the “other” transformed into fear of everything. This fear was fed and nurtured through the oppressive onslaught of cynical politicians and ratings-hungry news networks. Recently, however, cities have begun to flip their own high beams at the eyes that never blink.

“In 2013, Seattle police installed surveillance cameras and a network that could track wireless devices throughout downtown,”reported The Seattle Times in February of 2018. The network “had the potential to track and log every wireless device that moved through its system: people attending protests, people getting cups of coffee, people going to a hotel in the middle of the workday…. After unwanted publicity, they turned it off. Now the city is paying $150,000 to physically tear it down.”


#1 Scott Linder on 06.02.19 at 5:47 pm

Does anyone remember a TV show from a few years back called Person of Interest? Those cities in the show had cameras everywhere with facial recognition systems. The Government is slowly coming to that.

#2 A fleeting farmer on 06.02.19 at 9:14 pm

That’s why I left crime.

#3 What good is it? on 06.02.19 at 10:21 pm

images from multiple cameras all over town catching crimes happening have been turned over to the police in Sioux Falls with no results. The preps have been ID’d and the police still won’t do anything. What a bunch of amateurs or are they part of the action?

#4 Conservative Here on 06.03.19 at 2:01 pm

This is only to be used for the coming Police State in this country. 1984, look out! At the end of the day they are just monitoring systems

Anyone seen that commercial that shows that Security Guard at the bank saying, “hey your getting robbed, I am not Security, I am a Security Monitor” Everyone looks at him like do something, thats about all these things do and in order for them to be effective, someone needs to monitor and act. The after the fact is not much good as the crime has happened. Waste of money if you ask me and an invasion on our privacy.

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