UPDATE: The City of Sioux Falls needs to stop ‘Data Mining’ citizens

During public input Tuesday night, I told the council they needed to stop the city’s administration from data mining on it’s citizens through different apps, surveys and Facebook. The administration has reached out to me and have been looking into my accusations. I will let you know when they have given me ALL of their feedback.

UPDATE: The testimony after me is actually pretty good also, Duane Schipper(sp?) talks about the explosive employee wage/benefit increases under TenHaken. Are we running a city or Microsoft?

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#1 A "Date Miner" on 06.15.19 at 12:16 am

“Data Mining” like this is a warped form of participatory democracy even though you do not know you are participating.

It’s kind of like when you meet a new girlfriend. She seems nice and everything, but then after the third date she is already talking and planning your wedding with her. But you can always leave her, but is it that easy to leave your home, your job, and your town?……#WelcomeToTwilightZoneDemocracy